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TMNT Minimates - it's official!

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Positive I'm not the only person who wanted to do this, but as I just got my Mirage set in the mail I had to "fix" this asap.


The Mirage heads were were super easy to separate from their bandanas, whereas the animated ones took a little prying even after they settled in boiled water.

This is fantastic. I really want 80s turtles, too. Those colors will pop so well on 'mates.

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Putting these together because I think seeing how cool the Mirage ones look with the multi-colored bandanas and the Nick ones look with all Red bandanas at the same time is gonna be the push a lot of people need to make these sets for themselves. (I mean, you can justify it as there’s no wasted parts! You’re buying two sets and ending up with two sets! Not many quick customs can claim a zero causality rate!)
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Fear not, purists out there! I'll be keeping a set of Mirage turtles in red bandanas too.

As I said, the Mirage heads were easy to take apart. It's the Nick ones that took some prying. If you're wanting to keep the heads mint, that may not be the case with the Nick heads. Mike and Raph really stuck together, so I impatiently used pliers. I have multiples, I regret nothing.

The Mirage set (swapped masks or not) is the first Turtles set I've been excited about. If we got Playmates characters, I'd be all over that like stink on you-know-what.

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Does Baxter appear in the new show? I sure wish we could get a minimate of that fly head.

Also, has anybody tried painting a Splinter brown? What about making a more 1987 cartoony version of Shredder?

The Mirage set has sparked a fierce nostalgia in me for these guys.

I'm already hoping to modify the Bebop and Rocksteady when the come out.

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Whilst these look great, i'm holding off getting them because I would really love to see them make versions of the charactera from the late 80's/early 90's show! Have there been any hints towards them making waves based on that era at all?

It's been hinted at, but nothing's written in stone just yet.

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Baxter Stockman has indeed been on the new Nick show in three different versions actually:

1. Himself

2. In a big robot

3. Mutated as a fly

Technically 4 versions, there's also his early prototype robot suit (IE Baxter with some random metal parts, helmet, shoulderpads, arm attachments, etc...)

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