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The Godzilla minimate thread. Gojira!

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How incredibly disappointing. It's reasons like this that keep me from getting incredibly excited when DST announces new licenses.

This happened to a lesser degree with the Universal Monsters line. And now no Ghidorah or Anguirus and this line is done.

There's a fine line in supporting properties you like and not feeling tricked if they get cut short. Because even if you shell out your dough (even going so far as to buy multiple sets to boost sales), end of the day? The company didn't force you to... yet you feel let down.

I have GOT to keep Minimate releases at face value:

"What you see may be all you ever get."

This is already why I never bothered with Marvel Select figures, or any Select figures. This is also why I used to never touch the marvel minimates movie lines. I love minimates and am grateful to DST for all the years I've gotten the minimates I love. I guess I'm just a fool for thinking the same team behind the incompleteness of the Select lines would care about completing minimates lines.

This isn't a one off, this happens all the Damn time and once they stop how often to they resign a license to keep the mates coming? They never just pick up minimates licenses by themselves because it's too expensive, so they litteraly have the one chance to keep doing them and all the time it looks like they just say screw it.

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Over 50 years of history. You get that in your hands you go for it. Godzilla collectors buy all kinds of ridiculous merchandise. They knew going after it that there would be tons of new tooling, If you can't afford the tooling for all the new monsters from the start, then why did they bother unless they knew they wouldn't be doing but a few sets? the lack off commitment to some of their li es is a real killer for me. I don't want to get attached to anything else they may fall short.

We already have a screwed up walking dead and tmnt set where they don't want to go back to missed important characters, UM still gets selects but no new mates?

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I absolutely freakin' ADORE the Godzilla Minimates, but really wasn't digging the production head, so I sculpted a new one in ZBrush.

I went for Showa era, to match the rest of the range, althuogh now there's a BBurning Godzilla I might sculpt Heisei too.




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Thanks, dude! Nothing more Godzilla wise, although it looks like I might have to sculpt Anguirus and King Ghidorah, then get them up on Shapeways for us all to complete our collections! Maybe King Caesar too. I wonder if I could get Manda to work as a Minimate?

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Thanks for all the kind words, dudes! I'm pretty stoked with how the little guy came out.

Honestly happy to share this with anyone who wants it. What's the best way? I could upload

it to my Shapeways account or something like that? Or DM it to anyone who has their own 3D printer?




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