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Mystery Man

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Had a great time putting together the airplane from Lego set 31011, the Aviation Adventures set. With a tiny modification it fits Minimates! The landing gear folds up, there are working flaps, the engine compartment opens and the propeller spins when you push/pull the back landing gear tire.

I like Nick Fury in if the best. I'm thinkin' about getting a couple of the race car sets for Johnny Storm and Tony Stark. :)

I live it when I can find stuff to go with my Minimates and thought I'd share.


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Which set is that?

I got two more sets yesterday as gifts. Both are sports car sets, one orange and the other white. Thought it'd be fun to have 'em for Johnny Storm or Tony Stark.

I've gotten to the point where vehicle and playset-wise, I really prefer Lego stuff to supplement my Minimates. I can always customize it and the swapping bricks part is as much fun as swapping 'mate parts.

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