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Guardians of the Galaxy


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I noticed a TRU in Daytona had five sets of Yondu and only one Star Lord set. Hopefully this will be a successful series for TRU all the way around.

I've yet to find any of the sets besides Yondu around here. This is the quickest selling wave I've seen besides the Avengers sets.

No Groot = sad.png

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I agree they are selling well because many reasons, but 2 big ones have to be because they were in stores before the movie came out & the movie was awesome. just like they did for the avengers.

I remember my TRU having a huge front avengers display and there had to be at least 6 pegs filled with them & they all sold out.

if cap 2 & Thor 2 made it into stores they deff would have sold well. eh maybe Thor 2 not so much.

but one thing i don't like is when mates go straight to comic shops only. my shops always take the rare ones first & jack the price up, then they usually retail the normal ones for 11.99 plus tax so id wind up paying 15 ish for 1 2 pack.

i really hope this helps TRU see that they need more minimates!

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I stopped at a TRU in Joliet, IL on Saturday and found four two-packs (2 Yondo and 2 Star-Lord set), but Groot sets.

I do have a case coming from Luke's Toy Store, but I would like the Groot set to do some off-the-wall customs I am toying around in my mind.

The case I am getting from Luke, one set will be left mint in package, one set for display and one set to toy-around with.

I hope this means this set will help TRU see what a success Minimates can be with you have them in stock when the demand is good.

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So is that what happened to IM2, they added another wave and boxset?

I'd love:



Groot w/ angry expression

Maroon Rocket

Gamora with Maroon or black outfit

Short Coat Starlord

And maybe a boxset with everyone in prison clothes, of course with a cybernetic leg accessory smile.png

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