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Guardians of the Galaxy


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Groot looks incredible. The others...yeeeesh. Rocket's not articulated below the waist, like the other two, Gamora YIKES, Drax has a weird Toybiz shoulder situation going on, and Pratt's face is pretty rough.

The rest of Pratt looks fantastic so hopefully they have to sense to include a masked head, because then he's a definite buy. But the rest are just really rough looking; it's probably more the fault of the designs, but the proportions look pretty off on Drax and Gamora.

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excuse me...I want a Chris Pratt figure on my shelf as much (if not more) than a Peter Quill.


Here ya go. Use one of these.

I really really want a Vitruvius mini-fig. Seperate they're like $30 though. Lame. Better just to get the Lord Business Lair set.

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Doesn't really matter for the Star-Lord, everyone will use the alternate masked head the figure will undoubtedly come with anyway biggrin.png

That's putting an awful lot of faith in Hasbro. If a helmet look is produced it would probably be a variant. $$$

All of their Captain America: Winter Soldier movie figures come with alternate heads. Including Black Widow, who gets an Avengers head (she was skipped over in their Avengers wave)

Of course, she's ridiculously shortpacked...

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We aren't making any Marvel Selects for GotG, but we are making a shared assortment of Minimates. Not sure they're approved to show, but they're at the booth!

My heart. confused.gif

I wish someone would snap a picture already.

Dying to see these.

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Toy Fair news (no pics)

"Guardians of the Galaxy" toys, including Karen Gillan as Nebula, all of the Guardians, and a teeny, tiny Rocket Raccoon. These will also hit in June for $9.99 per 2-pack

Teeny tiny as in snarf tiny? We shall see

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