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Guardians of the Galaxy


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Here is a close up from C2E2, Rocco:


And the rest of the wave:




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oh wow - i'm surprised no-one has said anything about that before now. I missed it myself... seems I was too busy drooling over Nebula.

I suspect it's gonna be a little late in the game to fix this one sad.png

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Has Ronan appeared in any of the trailers or any images been published with the hammer in them? I'm just thinking this may just be a case where the movie universe version differs from the comic universe.

If it really is an error and it is to late to fix it I'm not going to get upset over it since the comic Ronan will have a correct hammer when he is released with Iron Man, Space Cap, and Thanos in the TRU Infinity Box or a follow up TRU wave.

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looking back on the rocket, he wont be too hard to cut up and add articulation with some metal pins!

and he comes free in a set pretty much so it wont be too hard cutting one up.

challenge accepted. cool.png

anyone know the Break down on these figures ? zach?

& where did you find that mock up art buttheadsmate ??

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