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Birthday Elephant 2014: The Elephantaning

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We just have a couple birthdays left for the 2014 cycle, and as always, I appreciate everyone who stepped up to make this another successful year.

Before I start a new thread, I wanted to take the temperature and see if there's interest in doing this in 2015?

Count me in as well!

Jeff of the Miniacs

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New thread is up with the rules, etc. If you've posted here that you're interested, please head over there and send your information to me as indicated before Monday the 12th. I'll do my best to check this thread and make sure nobody got missed, but I have a kid now, so I have about 15 minutes a week to read the board… :D

Thanks all!

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I already received my brithday gifts last week, but waited patiently to open it up on my actual birthday...

Besides Luke's exclusive OMFG figures and a Pathfinder 4-pack (which was on top of my list and these guys look just great!) I got a custom 12th Doctor! Including his screwdriver and his psychic paper (very clever executed!) Just love this guy!


Thank you very much, Luke!!!

(Little side note: it's especially funny that he was my Secret Child and we both did a custom Doctor Who figure for each other. smile.png )

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