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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates

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So..great people of the board..I come to you seeking answers. I see these last few posts, hinting towards TMNT. In a more recent Q&A, someone asked about the TMNT banner at one of the cons. The reply was simply...."patience". This license is one of my "holy grails", much like star wars. I beg thee, lovers of the mates.

It might depend on the context of the question.

If someone had asked about the TMNT banner in general and DSTChuck answered it in a Q&A specific to Minimates, that might be more telling.

It's possible that the license is only as broad as their Batman 1966 license and doesn't cover figures at all, just other categories.

Still, Playmates doesn't seem to be interested in the comic book property at all. They seem to stick to the current cartoon and would get dibs on the upcoming Ninja Turtles feature. Maybe and TMNT 'mates we get would be based on the comics but not the cartoons or films.

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In the context of a Minimates Q&A, "Patience" is a pretty misleading answer if they know they aren't getting to do TMNT Minimates.

As a manufacturer, you don't get to put up a TMNT banner unless you've already got a contract. The contract indicates what categories are covered. It's likely that DST has the license for other products so they might have been negotiating an amendment at that moment (hence the ambiguous answer).

But if they know they don't have the category, they should just say so. No dickery, please.

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I guess it all comes down to whether you think Chuck was being a dick.

No Richard is Dick,

Chuck is Charles(and a heck of a nice guy),

and for some reason William gets to be Will, Willy, Bill?, and Billy? and i think a few others im not sure how that all works.wacko.png


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