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Amazing Spider-Man 2 Minimates


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For the black outlines to be sporadically out of register (alignment) with the black lines of the webbing can only mean that the blacks were printed in 2 hits. Quite why baffles me?

I think the blacks would need to be done as 2 separate strikes Rob, with the yellow color for the eye being in between them. Otherwise the black outlines of the eye would also show through the yellow. Either way it sucks.

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It seems like black should be the last color printed in one strike. The gold eyes should go first (unless the ink isn't opaque enough and requires a white pass underneath). Either way I'm not sure why the black pass is split in two.

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hey Zach why does the minimate spidey in firefighter helmet have number 62 on it while the select fig has the correct 22 ?


This is why

Hail Ivan.

... I think this is my first Hail Ivan... Achievement unlocked.

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A TRU miracle!!

I read your first sentence in a tiny little Oliver Twist voice.

Congrats. I've only had the reverse happen. I see new Minimates on the shelves from across the store but by the time I cross the store they are gone.

That's exactly the reference I was going for! :) Or I guess it could also be Kramer and Festivus.

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I found this Mega Bloks mechsuit that can be an easy QC into Rhino {Maybe a bit too small}; It is somewhat expensive though.

By the way, BrobotC those are some spectacular customs!

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The Green Goblin!


Overhead Glider shot tongue.png


The Sinister.....Three?


Did your Goblin come with a Glider? Mine didn't......Which really surprised me. My Spideys had no issues with the eyes so I guess I got lucky on that end.

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"A Prayer for the Stressed!"

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I cannot accept,
and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had
to kill today because they pissed me off.

And also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today,
as they may be connected to the ass that I may have to kiss tomorrow.

Help me to always give 100% at work:
12% on Monday
23% on Tuesday
40% on Wednesday
20% on Thursday
and 5% on Friday

And help me to remember
when I'm having a really bad day,
and it seems that people are trying to piss me off,
while it takes 42 muscles to frown, it takes
only 4 to extend my middle finger and tell them to bite me!


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