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Kill Bill

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Perception is truly reality.

I just picked up the latest (last?) Kill Bill 4-pack and, as a toy collector, marveled at the fact that the set was dominated by kick-ass women. Back in my day we had a bunch of dudes in a spaceship and one chick who was a glorified receptionist. (Sorry, Uhura.) Anyone who's seen this Tarantino movie knows these are not ladies to be trifled with, as evidenced by their battle-damaged appearances.

Unfortunately anyone who hasn't seen the movie apparently sees three battered women and a smirking redneck. If you leave this set on your desk at work in plain view, there's a good chance you'll be questioned by HR about your perceived misogyny and how inappropriate knick-knacks like this are in a workplace dominated by women.

This has been a public service announcement.

(Great set, by the way.)

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I'm not even trying to compete with MM's images (nice pics, BTW!) just following through with some comments:


Budd is spot on. I'm totally loving that face. I do wish he had an alternate headpiece without "that fucking hat" and holes in the bottoms of his boots. Still, I had no problem standing him and he came with a base anyway.


Gorgeous. And alternate head would have been welcome with a battle-damaged eye but she's very cool as is. Now I'd like to see her in that nurse's disguise.


All I can say here is "Look out, Michonne!" Great likeness and just the right expression.


And here's why we probably didn't get more accessories but, hey, who doesn't want a pine box? At first I thought The Bride wasn't going to fit in there. It's tight so there's very little wiggle room, just like the real deal (The coffin, not Uma). There's sculpted texture inside and out. My only beef is that the hole in the lid doesn't line up with where the figure's fist is. Had that hole been a little lower this would be the perfect accessory. I'm also thinking about cutting open the side so I can display her enclosed in the coffin.


Beautiful sculpting. Very nice paints apps. Still upside down.

Overall it's a solid purchase. If this is the end of the line (though I think there's room for one more set) then it went out with a bang.

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I think you're right, but I would like to see some of his later movies get 'mates as well, this could be a good way to test the water. I'd LOVE to get 'mates from Django Unchained, but this idiotic PC world would probably keep that from ever happening.

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Slave Django alternate parts for bounty hunter look

Dr. King Schultz

Calvin Candy

Broomhilda Von Shaft


Solid line up, but I would do

Two Pack

Bounty Hunter Django

Dr. King Schultz

Set 1

End of the movie Django

Calvin Candy

Broomhilda Von Shaft


But ever since the $#*& storm that happened with those NECA figures I don't think anyone will ever touch this licence again.

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