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Okay, so we have Walking Dead minimates and those are great, but you know what zombie comic would make for BETTER minimate zombies:

Afterlife with Archie.

It’s serve three goals:
-Minimates of the classic Archie cast, perfect for displaying next to that new Thunderbolts Punisher.

-Minimates of the classic Archie cast AS ZOMBIES! Perfect for your Walking Dead dioramas

-Sabrina the Teenage Witch Minimate. She’s awesome, and you know you want a Sabrina minimate.

So yeah, I won’t make a wishlist or anything, I just want Archie minimates and zombie Archie minimates...

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Yes please! I mentioned it in the 'new licenses' thread a couple months ago before the first issue came out, and want them even more now. I sent my request to 'Ask DST' a week or so ago also.

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"No sorry no plans to go after an Archie license"



Well, issue 1 just came out... maybe if the comics is popular enough they’ll change their minds down the road, it was almost 100 issues before Walking Dead minimates. (Stage 1- Denial!)

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This series is great. I never read the archie comics before, but seeing what they allow in the comic blows my mind. The Francavilla art is so moody and sets a great atmosphere, but the story has some real great parts that make you feel for everybody. I know they aren't pursuing it, but i would love a four pack of minimates at least.

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