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Confessions of a toy Collector


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So my wife made me realize something that I do that I never noticed I might be the only one that does so I figured I would reach out to see what other weird toy buying habits people have out there. Here's mine.

So when I buy toys I leave them in the bag until I have to poop. Then whilst pooping I open them and sit them in the counter next to me. Yeah it's weird but it's private time....

What's yours?

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I don't think that's too weird. I like how HIMYM addressed that kind of thing by pointing out if you don't do something else while you're pooping, it's essentially just time you're not getting back.
Most people buy newspapers or magazines specifically for something to read in the bathroom - I'm not sure that opening toys in that setting is too much weirder than reading (or maybe I'm in the minority on that).

As for me - sometimes when I get a big order, I'll set a few packs aside for a 'rainy day' so to speak. I usually open them when I'm having a tough day and need a little pick me up. I find that opening a lot of 'mates all at once has two drawbacks:
First, I don't value each minimate adequately, because there's always one figure that stands out above the others and I might overlook the 'lesser' ones in favor of admiring the 'coolest' one. Whereas, if I open maybe 2 packs a week, I find a lot more value in each of those figures. (I do the same thing with music)
And second, I hate the dry spells when I'm inbetween getting new 'mates.

So I avoid the drought-or-drown conundrum by spacing them out.

I don't know how unusual that particular habit is (anyone else out there do the same thing?), but that's my main thing.

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I have several 'mates that I've opened whilst they are very special to me....

1.Calico Jack (Poop Deck version) & 'Old Dad the Pooper'

2.The Flush & John Jonz (WC not DC version)

3.Craptain Kirk (Trouble with Dribbles)

4,Downloaded Cylon.

5,Absorbant Man

6.The Blob


8.Carnage & Havok (I shan't explain sick.gif )


10.Doc Brown


12. Anything from the Gutbusters line ....notably the 'Gooey' versions

13. Gruntass (a TRUE Bottom Beast)

......I'll stop there & wipe.

BTW when I'm constipated I take a look at the 'Booker' Minimate ......

because Chuck Norris scares the shit out of me

What did Hannibal (the cannibal) Lector do after he dumped his GF ? ....

He wiped his arse.

PRIZE TIME : My favourite female 'toilet' Minimate is 'Psylocke' . Why ???

The Prize ? To be decided........ but it won't be crap.

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BHM is the king of craptastic puns. If you like Psylocke, then you must hate Peter Parker...double-shot! :)

@Donny B, which episode of HIMYM was that? I can't seem to remember it.

@ImABarRoomHero, this would be extremely weird, but cute and playful I guess...but since there are children here, it would best be left unsaid...

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@Donny B, which episode of HIMYM was that? I can't seem to remember it.

it's near the beginning of the episode titled "Benefits" (Season 4, episode 12 - thank you Netflix), the one where Marshall drives all the way to Ted's apartment so he doesn't have to 'read a magazine' at work.

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I huff the fresh, plastic crack. That's as crazy as I get.

LOL. Last night I opened a large plastic storage container of boxed Minimates and the smell that wafted out of the very full vessel was quite gratifying.

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