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Deadly Foes Of Spider-Man-Box Set - Luke's Toy Store Exclusive!


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It's always great to see old chracters get new figures! Specially Spider-Man villains. In any collection these characters always become harder to get and/or expensive.

For that ones that started to collect minimates later, it's a great chance to get old characters and the new parts certainly grow up in the old collectors eyes.

I got a lot of friends in my country that started to collect in the last two years, and they're really excited with this pack!!! We already preordered 12 packs! Even with less people than pack, It's better to get a few spare packs to any new collector than to let the chance the get these figures escape!

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The bonus kit includes 2 alternate looks for each character (via our easy-to-apply stickers) and 4 accessories, for a total of 12 items! As I mentioned before, you will automatically receive this kit by ordering 3 or more Deadly Foes sets. This run is limited to only 80 kits, but we still have plenty available. Here are the bonus kit items:












This kit will be the only place to get these items - they will not be for sale individually at any time. I hope you like them! smile.png

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