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14 hours ago, cylonchaney said:

Please look into the "drop ship"ing problem while you're at it.  :P


Interestingly, drop-shipping is actually a real thing, I think it has to do with transferring product from one shipping container to another at the dock, instead of shipping via the warehouse I THINK.

And the problem was resolved by the time I checked. Since the TRU inventory is quantified in individual pieces, it is not pulled at the warehouse by the case, but by the number of two-packs -- they usually ship it all, so it was not relevant until now. They have since turned that off . The same thing actually happened to me when I requested a case to distribute to press. I got two packs. SORRY!

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Ask DST!

Or better yet, ask your favorite retailers. If they see enough demand and start asking their sales reps about it, they'll pass along that interest to DST.

Remember: DST doesn't sell to us; they sell to the retailers.

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From the latest AskDST (Link) :


Christopher B.
DST has given fans the most complete lineup of characters from Aliens courtesy of the Minimates line. This fact, however, makes the absence of a non-mutilated Bishop quite noticeable. How soon can we expect to add this main character to our collections?

DSTChuck: Glad you have enjoyed them. When we set out on that line and Predator, we planned to have as well-rounded a line as possible. We have looked into ideas to get a new Bishop out, so we’ll have to see.

And then, to my surprise! From yours truly. I'd forgotten I'd sent this. :)


Luke H.
All I really want to know is what’s next for Aliens? XD But, while I’m at it… Have you ever considered using the license for statues? (Or is that a license issue with other licensees?) Koto have done some wonderfully rendered ones, but their choice of poses leaves a lot to be desired, particularly their Dog Alien (I can’t reconcile buying it, it’s just too odd/unflattering.)
Also, have you ever considered playsets/dioramas for Minimates? Or does that cross into different territory again, with licensing issues?
Wishlist to “complete” Aliens Minimates:
“Clean” Bishop
Dropships, for the above (the two variants from the movie).
Queen with egg sack
Dream list:
USS Sulaco
Hive diorama, with victims
Atmosphere Processor light up model

DSTChuck: Statues and figures for Aliens are not available to us. We’d love to have a shot at more Aliens categories. We have looked at playsets for Minimates, but the demand has not been there.

It still seems luke-warm on the final figures (excuse the self pun). But hope remains. Always delighted to be answered. :)

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So I'm trying a thing out.

The arms, legs, and hair are just gonna be a matter of getting the right color paint, so that shouldn't be a problem. The hands will just be an easy swap, too.

The only thing I'm stuck on is the face. I can't get a good scan of it, to work off of, and I'm not good enough at Photoshop to eyeball it.

EDIT: I did try eyeballing it, though. It came out okay, I guess. I gotta make some tweaks and do some color correction.


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It never rains but it pours.

Yesterday I got 24 Minimates from Luke's that included custom fodder for some Fury 161 inmates. Today my LCS finally got the TRU4 Alien assortment in and I bought multiples of those. Tomorrow I'm expecting another seven figures from Luke's.

With this flash flood of plastic crack I don't dare go to Walgreens to test my good fortune.

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Ask DST #399

John L.
Hi Chuck, the latest assortment of Aliens is one of my favorites. Mixing “Resurrection” with “Alien 3” and tacking on “Isolation” is terrific, especially with all the Xenos in there.
Will we be seeing more Minimates from these corners of the franchise? My penal colony could use more inmates, my Betty needs a full crew, and though I’ve never played it I love the character designs from that video game. (And please, figure out a way to get that Dropship to us. I’d buy more than one!)
Thanks and have a successful SDCC!

DSTChuck: I am glad you like the series! I know the team really wants to do the dropship, but I do not think it is possible for now.



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If we get another mixed wave, I would like some of the rest of the crew from Alien: Covenant. I rewatched it and felt we missed some characters. I would like Daniels in her tank top or gear she wore on the planet as well. The spacesuit we got isn't really a definitive look. 


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Agreed. That spacesuit was probably more of an economical choice since it was used on two figures.

I’d like to see more characters from Covenant. Unfortunately Walter’s outfit isn’t as conducive to customizing other characters as the togs worn by Ripley and Dillon in Alien 3. (I’d love to get another 2-pack from that film just to have more custom fodder for more inmates.)

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My LCS insists xenos sell best. Since we've yet to get proper xenos from Alien 3 and Resurrection, I'd argue there's still plenty of life left in the line, especially if you add in the Kenner and Isolation characters. Personally I still want:

Dragon & Clemens

Runner & Superintendent Andrews

Newborn & Ripley

And since we love pairing the crew of the Betty with fun xeno variants:

Dom Vriess (and his funky wheelchair) & Gary Christie

Scorpion Alien & Frank Elgyn

Gorilla Alien & Sabra Hillard


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Another Queen variant would be great, but without a TRU to subsidize it I don’t know that it would get enough orders to go into production.

A mixed wave with missing characters from across the films would be great.

Honestly I just want to complete the Aliens team with Bishop and Ferro. Anything else on top of that and I’m happy. Those variant Xenos that were packed in the last wave were a lot of fun. More like that to add some color to the hive would be nice.

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I gave it a shot just to test the parts. 

Salaak’s neck ball is smaller than the standard size so the xeno torso just rests on it like a bobble head. Otherwise it’s pretty decent. If I’m being really picky I’ll slap a sticker on the bottom part of that torso to go be it some detail.

Now I’m just looking for kid arms in black. I’m thinking about putting Venom claws on them. 

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