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I hate that me ipod doesn't show or allow links to embedded YouTube videos. I miss a lot on this forum.... :(

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Onyx, can you see and follow a link?

Yep. Thanks Zach!

I had tried copying and pasting the URL in the original video post, but it just says that it is an internal link and cannot open. I actually searched for what I assumed was the video based on the comments and have now subscribed to collect DST. Great blogs you do, Zach, although the endings are a little awkward.... :P

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Very psyched to see a few marines in there. In fact, aside from a Power-Loader, this is just about everything i deemed a 'must have' from an Aliens wave of Minimates.

Zach, apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, but will there be any egg or face-hugger accessories in this line? I know they aren't really 'chracters' as such, but they'd look awesome in a display of Aliens.

EDIT: OMG - and the Queen! How did i forget the Queen pinch.gif

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We're going to have some different Xenomorphic accessories, yes.

Awesome! I would just like to reiterate that it would be very cool to see some combination of an open egg/closed egg/facehugger/chestburster in each 2-pack. If it comes down to having to choose between the various stages of xenomorph or clear plastic stands, I say ditch the stands. It would just encourage more stand sales at the conventions. smile.png
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Do the Aliens have a standard Minimate-sized foot peg? Or do they use the smaller size seen with AoU Ultron, the Reapers, and ASM Lizard? I ask because my AoU Ultron and my Reapers all came with small holes and regular stands.

And will these come with the larger stands (early TWD) or the smaller ones?

How long do we have to wait for these again?

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- Ripley I

- Vasquez

- Hudson

- Hicks

- Newt

- Ripley II

- Alien Warrior

I know Aliens is considered a relatively finite line but I'm still concerned that DST is not only putting so many really popular characters in the first series but putting a variant of the main character in it as well. It's reminding me of the previous Star Trek line that was TOS-heavy and had so many Kirk figures.

Maybe the art shown doesn't indicate a final debut assortment but that's honestly the first thing that struck me.

Now let's see some vehicles, please. cool.png

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