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CableNathan's customs - Daredevil Netflix show [update 9-14]

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Recipes, I'd love to share them! And a big HAIL IVAN because without the database it would been extremely hard to find the right pieces.

I'll start with the ones on this page:


Cally Tyrol body

Coulsons's face (modified slightly with a smirk, heh)

TRU 14 Havok hair

Pouch harness thing from Swat Sarah Connor

Custom arms (black sleeves w/skin colored forearm


Chief Tyrol body

Wave 47 Rogue face

Walking dead wave 1 female zombie hair

Custom painted arms


Tony Almeida (24) jacket

BSG TRU wave 1 Apollo face

'Best of' Punisher hair


(BSG) Tory chest

Michonnes legs

Michelle Dessler face

(BSG) Athena hair.

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Merry Christmas everybody! Finally completed the crew... for the most part. Check it out! Bonus characters too biggrin.png


A QC of "The Operative"



"I want to resolve this like civilized men. I'm not threatening you. I'm unarmed..."




I love how this next one came out. This was by far my favorite outfit of hers. I'd say a beautiful girl makes one sexy minimate, lol. A couple of pics for reference:


The Companion Inara Serra



And last but not least...

The Hero of Canton, Jayne Cobb


*Note I did not make the Jayne hat, an awesome friend of mine named Kelly did. So props to her for making that amazing little hat for me in like 10 minutes. Group shots coming soon!

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Very long time since I updated! I have been busy and made quite a few customs since then. To start I made these Daredevil customs based off of the Netflix show for a friend for her birthday this month. We both really loved the show so I thought it would be a nice gift. Enjoy!


From left to right we have The Masked Man, Attorneys at Law Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, and their secretary Karen Page.


Yeah I know his glasses came out a little big and a bit spaced apart but I always like molded pieces. I will probably adjust them in the future.


And just for fun I did make a QC Wilson Fisk. I don't think he looks too bad!




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Recipes, please?

(Also, as long as the glasses lenses cover the eyes, then the spacing should be fine.)

You got it buddy. These are pretty simple.

Masked Man:

Iron Fist Mask

Black shirt and legs with knew pads and boots from expendables.

Wave 40 movie Bucky Barnes face

Batons from Armored Daredevil

Matt Murdock:

Wave 40 movie Buck Barnes face and hair

Swat Sarah Connor glasses cut out from hat piece

Any grey business suit (Shingen, Aldrich Killian, etc.)

Elite Heroes Search & Rescue walking stick


Any grey suit.

'Best of' wave 3 Ant-Man face'

'Best' of Wave 1 Loki hair

Phone and briefcase from season 2 '24' boxset


Alice face from femme fatales 2 boxset

Iron Man 2 movie Pepper Potts hair

Chest and arms from Alicia Masters

Clipboard from Battlestar Galactica line

Any skirt piece


Nova Corps Centurion face

Iron Man 2 Happy Hogan suit piece

Lee Christmas shirt chest piece

torso riser

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