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IOS7 issues?


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So, yesterday I upgraded my ipod touch to IOS7. I hate it!

worst of all, this forum no longer appears as the mobile version. Typing this is taking forever as I need to go back into the text to bring up the keyboard to type each letter.

Is anyone else having these issues with IOS7 and this board? Is there any way to get a "use mobile version" option on the main site? I thought is was there, but that must have been only because I was using a recognized mobile device. Other sites still appear to be mobile versions, only this one seems different.

God do I hate ios7!!! It seems super sluggish. It is ugly too!

Thanks for assist.


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I do have an issue with iOS7. It's too damn big. My iPhone is just 8 gigs. It says it needs 2 gigs to upgrade. That's 1/4 of my memory for new apps it forces on me to have and stuff I just don't care about having. I'm not upgrading at all.

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