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PUNCH ME IN THE FACE! Who won? Find out within!

The Geohound

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Hey, so contest time is over and votes must now be put out there so winners can win and losers can go home and cry. So we're going to straight up steal the voting system Lurch seems to favor.

PM votes to me in this order:
1) Best. Punch. Ever. (Favorite)
2) That was pretty good (Second favorite)
3) My grandma hits harder than that! (Third favorite)

Feel free to vote for yourself. You are awesome.

Your first favorite gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 points and 3rd gets 1 point.

Voting will go from now until, well, let's say next Friday, September 20th at 10pm central. And then winners will be announced when I can come up with something clever to do to them. probably a day or two later.

Remember, you can win an awesome SDCC translucent blue minimate just by voting, so what do you have to lose right? VOTE!

And now, the entries that weren't disqualified for being Ivan. (Sorry Ivan, nothing personal. it was a photo contest after all. One day there will be a 3D modelling contest and you'll win all the prizes.)

Bob Harris:










Zombie Shakespeare:


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Winners! Winner! No chicken dinners.

In third place, with an old man punching a green man, Bob Harris!!

In second place, with an Ice blast to some Deadpool face, intot!!!

And the winner, because everybody loves to see hot girls beating the crap out of each other,


Hooray for everyone. That was awesome. Oh, what's that, voice in my head? The random winner from the people who voted? I did forget about that. Thanks, awkardly self-aware brain activity.

The random vote winner is, luke314pi!!

Hooray some more. Awesome times. Everyone PM me your addresses and I will get things sent off as soon as I get the chance.

And thank you all for making my first contest a fun old time. It was great and I'll try to do more down the road.

kiiind of surprised that no one went for the punching me in the face option. Figured that would have been a huge draw.

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