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Bandai's S.H. Figuarts

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I have absolutely no use for either of those bases, as I don’t have any fire wielding characters in that scale other then Mars and Mercury (blue Fire is basically water) and it’d look weird for them to have bases and the other 4+ scouts(senshi, whateves) don’t have bases... but I *NEED* them. (they’ll probably end up bases for Monster High dolls or used by my wife for photographing her D&D minis, but I have no Figuarts use for them.)
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Amazon needs to hurry up with my Sailor Venus. I think it will be another week but I paid for it a long time ago. Instagram pictures can only sustain me for so long, I need to hold it.

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Goddamned new English dubs.

I want what I grew up with.

ESPECIALLY Sailor Moon. That was my first anime.

*sigh* <_<

At least the Akira bluray has the original 1989 English track. I've still never watched the 2002 DVD's English.

There are a few things I like about the english dub (the cat's voices, the fact that I can understand it) but ultimately as an adult, the fact that they butchered so many plot points and made it SOOOOO kid friendly makes it unwatchable. Sailor Moon/Chibimoon could use less annoying voice actresses as well. Im looking foreward to it.

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I don't know how I feel about new English cast. I mean, they did change the cast once they started airing it on Toonami (which I never saw) so there is a whole continuity thing there. And I have a really sappy fondness for the original. But it does need an over haul.

Really, the best thing is to release the original 4 seasons along with the re-dubbed HD 5. We're finally getting Angels in English! Everyone wins.

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I just like having the option. When you tell me this is how I have to have it ("my way or the highway"), is when I get resistant.

I prefer English dub, but the things I have with both, I willingly watch the Japanese(or other language) dub (sometimes even without subtitles at all). But when something is only subtitled, I have a difficult time even having the desire to watch it in the first place.

I don't want to screw people out of an English dub of extended or uncut episodes (or the original Japanese tracks). Just give me the option of watching the "kiddie version", too. I'll watch all the versions, I will, but don't tell me I can't have what got me into anime in the first f*cking place.

Whats a good normal price for each Figurarts for each Sailor Scout?

They retail for $40.

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