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Bandai's S.H. Figuarts

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I got Sailor Moon today. Worth every penny, no issues. Fun albeit time consuming to pose and then getting the stuff back in the tray is like playing Perfection at times. Love it and can't wait to have them all.




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AkibaRed and the Season 2 versions of Yellow and Blue just arrived, so glad I was able to find Red with the first run Tamashii Stands as a bonus.

I still need Operation Overdrive Red and SPD Red for their bonus parts, and Hurricane Red because he is so cool looking.

The next two figuarts I'm probably picking up are Sailor Mercury and White Ranger at the end of October.

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you win Bandai.

I wasn’t going to order all 5 Sailor Scouts, I was just going to get Venus because she’s my favorite, but my fiancee decided all 5 would look nice together... so I just ordered Sailor Moon from BBTS and put Mars and Mercury on pre-order.

I know this is a Figuarts and not D-Arts thread, but since they’re basically the same thing: Are they ever going to release more of the KoF figures they sculpted? Terry’s mighty lonely.

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This thread is devoted to all of Bandai's Arts lines, I just made the title about the SH line because there are more releases and hype regarding it.

I wish they made more KoF figures, a couple Terry variants were shown, I want an Iori figure, and a Mai figure would be awesome.

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White Ranger is awesome, a tiny tiny bit shorter than the Green and Red Ranger but whatever, the pearl white paint scheme is awesome. Wish he came with more hands and accessories but seriously just another solid Power Rangers/Super Sentai release. Can't wait for Pink Ranger's release next month.




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