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Bandai's S.H. Figuarts

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I agree about Sailor Moon minimates.

I got my Red Ranger today. Love it. It is everything I expected after watching several reviews and I will be buying the Green Ranger next week and pre ordering the White and Pink in the near future.


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I had to cancel the Red Ranger when my preorder came in stock, because I didn't have the money at the time. If only my eBay auctions would sell already. At least BBTS still has 200 of him in stock. I've had him, White, and Pink preordered since they first went up. confused.gif

I will sell blood, semen, organs, whatever...I'll starve for two weeks if I have to when the Sailors start dropping. No way I'm risking passing them up. That was my first anime ever.

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Right. Which, they advertise working your way through school. But you need schooling first!

But I guess advertising "We need rich, good looking white men who are doctors or lawyers who already make a lot of money" doesn't really attract a lot of people.

Anyways, what were we talking about?

Amazon discounted the price for Sailor Moon down to $36. I'm happy, even if I have to wait another month.

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I've been collecting S.H Figuarts on and off again since 2011. Sadly, I'm a bit out of the loop with the new releases, and when it comes to the shows, I'm nowhere as caught up as I'd like to be. I've taken something of a break ever since I finally got Momotaros DX, but there are still a few figures I'd like to track down, and I'd love to get Kamen Rider G3's bike, but I imagine it goes for very high prices as it was a web exclusive. Getting figures is a whole lot easier now that Blufin distributes via Amazon, luckily! I've also pre-oredered a few upcoming Monsterarts releases, and am thinking about getting into the Ultra Act line. There are way too many Tokusatsu shows and movies with awesome toylines.

I had to clear off my shelf recently due to my new cat, but I do have a picture of all my boxes lined up on top of my bookcase.

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Nice collection!

I like the Bluefin is distributing a lot of Figuarts in the states, especially the exclusives, but it bums me out that they are not allowed to release anything Akibaranger related. It has been a pain to find a Japanese release of Red Hawk with the Jet Winger for AkibaRed, and I need to pick up a Bouken Red soon as Bluefin announced at SDCC that they will be selling Operation Overdrive figures soon. I wish they would release the SPD rangers over here, Red, Blue and Green go for around $20-40 but Yellow and Pink are both around $60.

Still it is nice that we are getting White, Pink, the five Ninja Storm Rangers and several other rangers as standard releases.

Kamen Rider G3 is Agito right? Which bike are you looking for, because there are quite a few available on Mandarake.

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Yes it's indeed Agito! I'm also familiar with Mandarake and glad to see you are as well. It's great for Figuarts, and has some amazing deals. I'd love to see one of those stores in person one day. The bike in question is the Guard Chaser. I've seen it show up before on Mandarake, and looking it up just now, I've found it on Amazon. I suppose it's not as rare as I thought. I think I'll hold off from getting it any time soon though, I just started collecting Minimates again, and maintaining that alongside Figuarts is a slippery slope. Nonetheless, this talk of Mandarake has reminded me of that awesome Mafex Spider-man figure I missed out on. He's going for ridiculous prices on the secondary market and it's a bit hard to not want to check Mandarake for him every second.

And yeah, I'm really glad Bluefin's making everything so much easier, and that non red rangers are starting to get more standard releases. I've yet to really divulge too much into watching and collecting Power Rangers/Super Sentai and it's good to know things will be a little easier if I decide to. It's interesting how much more accessible a lot of Japanese shows and toylines are becoming. I imagine the obscurity of a lot Japanese toylines is what draws some people to them. With that changing, I wonder if some collectors will lose interest.

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Nice miniJames! You'll enjoy her she is such an awesome figure.

I'm hoping my import store gets Hurricane Red and Sailor Mercury in soon, and then White Ranger ships at the end of next month, cannot wait.

I'm currently waiting for the post to deliver AkibaRed, and the Season 2 versions of Blue and Yellow.

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