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1/6 figures - For Sale or Trade

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I got the okay from Shane to post a BUY/SELL/TRADE thread for 1/6 items here, since we don't have a lot of 1/6 traffic he said to post it in the "Land of the Giants" section.

If anyone is interested, I've decided to start selling a big chunk of 1/6 figures. It's time to scale back, and a lot of the upcoming stuff if going to take priority for me. I'll have some more for sale soon, but this list is to get things rolling.

Most of these prices are above retail, but below eBay prices. After factoring shipping costs and PayPal feels, on many of these I would be breaking even with what I paid. I have the same items for sale on Sideshow Freaks, but at higher prices, so PM me if interested in anything specific, as I will definitely work with my MMMV members on the price. Domestic Shipping (USA) is included in the price. Willing to ship to MMMV members worldwide, but shipping costs would need to be discussed.

Sideshow 1/6 Lord of the Rings (Full set of 7 figures) - ALL ARE THE EXCLUSIVE VERSIONS! $450 shipped (obo) - (Only selling as a set at this time!) - Ordered these directly from Sideshow, all are undisplayed, unopened. Characters included with this lot are as follows:
- Gandalf the Grey (with exclusive Balin's Journal)
- Frodo Baggins (with exclusive Weathertop sword/scabbard)
- Samwise Gamgee (with exclusive lembas bread)
- Aragorn as Strider the Ranger (with exclusive hooded cloak and pipe)
- Boromir - Son of Denethor (with exclusive Fellowship cloak and severed orc head)
- Legolas Greenleaf (with exclusive elven cloak and arrow hand)
- Faramir - Son of Denethor (with exclusive broken Horn of Gondor)

- Hot Toys MMS155 Batman - Bruce Wayne (Batsuit Begins) - 2011 TOY FAIR EXCLUSIVE $315 SHIPPED - Ordered direct from Sideshow, briefly displayed, includes additional custom long cape by SSF member lforigno.

- Hot Toys DX11 Joker - SIDESHOW EXCLUSIVE - $310 SHIPPED - Ordered direct from Sideshow, opened to inspect, never displayed.

- Sideshow Darth Vader - SIDESHOW EXCLUSIVE - $235 shipped - Opened and inspected but never displayed. Box is in excellent condition, no damage.

- Hot Toys MMS117 Terminator 2 T-800 - $180 SHIPPED - complete and includes some extra parts!
Item is complete, the box shows some light wear, but nothing major. Leather jacket was missing a silver stud when I received this figure, but I replaced it.
Includes loose CooModel M134 gatling gun and additional endoskeleton arm with broken thumb glued in place.

I am looking for the following 1/6 figures and would be open to discussing trades of the above for these items:

- Hot Toys Wolverine (X3 Version)

- Hot Toys Tony Stark (Mech Test)


- Hot Toys DX09 1989 Batman - SOLD - Ordered directly from Sideshow, displayed in Detolf cabinet since release, aside from the cape and stand, the rest of the accessories were never removed from box.
- Hot Toys DX12 Batman (Dark Knight Rises) - SOLD - Ordered direct from Sideshow, opened to inspect, never displayed. Includes additional custom mouthpiece by SSF member hunterelf.

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Just a thread bump, I dropped all of my prices on my remaining items for sale, these will all be going to eBay soon. PM if interested in anything.

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I've got an Art Figures Judge Dredd "Heavy Armored Cop" for sale if anyone is interested. $185 shipped in the U.S.



Looks like this when he's put together, though the armor isn't this gold:


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