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The Pixar Theory


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Here's an interesting article: Basically, the author presents some interesting points and proves to us that the pixar films all belong in the same universe.The time stream is quite complex so you have to read the whole thing. Now, most found it a very interesting move but i myself found it quite creepy. I mean, if you look them as standalone stories they're pretty cute but when you link them all together and form a time stream? Then it gets reaaaallyy creepy.

I mean, a small child witnesses the products of cross-species (the monsters) then gets really messed up and starts getting involved with magic and cults. She becomes crazy from traveling to all these places and eventually she stops somewhere and orchestrates these events. Basically she messes up time and space.There's more. Humans die, they have sexy time with animals to produce the monsters, society crumbles, a nameless corporation takes control of everything and wipes out almost all of humanity. By the end of wall-e the humans come back to earth. Why aren't they present in a bug's life? Because maybe the insects gained intelligence and killed most humans? Ans since we're talking about wall-e, how come he's the last robot alive? He says it's because of his attachement but what if there's something more sinister going on? What if he became the most powerfull of these robots and wiped them out? Then his hard drive must have been damaged from all these years and now he has lost his memory. And maybe by the time the humans colonize earth again, he regains his memory and wipes them out, hence why there aren't any humans in a bug's life.So basically you have:

An occultist and crazy little girl
Humans wiped out by machines and/or bugs
Humans and animals having sexy time
A robot going all ultron and murdering everyone who now is close to humans
Monsters who time travel and possibly ripped apart the space and time continium,kinda like wolvie in AOU.
And what happened to the toys? Did they evolve into machines by the time wall-e takes place? Maybe there exists a post apocalyptic toy world bellow the ravaged earth. Maybe the new dinosaur movie takes place in the center of the earth.
As for the incredibles, if all these hapened why does no one talk about super powered individuals? Maybe the corporation erased all that from everyone's memory and killed all super humans.
Pixar's films are pretty fucked up if you look them that way. You can see them as fairy tales or as dark stories, ala the Grim brothers.

So, what do you think? I am overanalyzing it or do you find it creepy as well? (i copied my theory from what i wrote on flickr because i was kinda bored to type all of that again)

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That is incredibly stupid. Maybe it's just as simple as the people working on these films like to make small nods to past and future films they worked on.

That's what i thought at first but each nod is somewhat changed to fit the bill. The trailer in monsters inc has people inside and is brand new. The trailer in a bug's life is dusty and abandoned. Yes, it might be just some easter eggs but knowing Pixar they may have done this intentionally. Now, my theory is based on his theory and how creepy it is. If you look them as just movies you can come up with yours. I would say that the incredibles take place around the same time with ratatouile, toy story, a bug's life, etc but the incredibles take place in the 70s i think. Up takes place after toy story 3 since there is a postcard on Andy's desk with both Carl and Ellie's name on it. Cars don't make that much sense tbh. Anyway, it's up to anyone's interpretation. One could say that they take place in a different universe ot that they exist in the same. Also, the pizza truck has appeared in every pixar movie and it changes acording to the story.

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Once I read "A war with man,animals,and machines", I stopped reading it. Too ridiculous. Too stupid.

I noticed all those easter eggs when i first saw those movies and yeah, the whole thing is crazy. If this happned then all the thing i listed would happen and then other things would happen, creating some ripple effects. And i doubt that for nearly twenty years pixar has been trying to create a universe based on bestiality, occultism and post apocalyptic destruction.

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