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Pulp Fiction minimates

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One more boxset?

Captain Koons (Walken)

Boxer Butch


Final slot could go to any of the following to round out the other sets:

- Esmerelda (Butch's Taxi Driver)

- Maynard (Pawn Shop owner)

- Buddy Holly (Buscemi)

- Marvin (Phil Lamarr)

- Brett (Frank Whaley)

- Hit & Run Witness (Kathy Griffen) wink.png

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Probably within the next couple of months. We wanted it out for the holidays.

I told my friend's fiancée that these were on the way, and that this was his favorite movie scene of all time. She hasn't seen it, so she's planning on getting it for him, unaware of my ruse. I look forward to his reaction.

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Anyone pick up the Gimp set today? From pictures in an eBay listing, it looks like Butch has alternate non-bloody looks and the donuts and coffee made it into production.

Curious if Marcellus got an alternate ballgag head...

Neither Butch nor Marcellus come with alternate ballgag heads. Butch does come with a regular head and a bloodied nose head (although he has no nose). Both Marcellus and Butch come with jackets, jacket arms and non jacket arms. Butch also comes with his samurai sword, his wallet and a mac-11 with silencer (new gun). Marcellus comes with a hand accessory holding a box of donuts and two cups of coffee as well as a recycled minimate rifle (that should be a shot gun). I will try to post pics tonight unless somebody beats me to it.

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Always bugged the hell out of me that we never got Captain Koons, so I decided to throw one together that I feel came out perfectly, Colonel Rhodes body, Kaecilius head, Negan hair


still hands down one of the best series’ we’ve ever gotten



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