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SDCC 2013-Discussion Thread

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I've wanted to go SDCC since I was in high school if not earlier. Have never been and probably will never get to go really. It's one of those things where I've seen the chaos and I've heard from people and while I don't at all think I would enjoy it by the end, it's just something I've always wanted to do.

Here's to everyone who is going. Have a good time and get some cool stuff.

And good luck to our friend Zach, who's probably going to be more exhausted than all of us by the time it's over.

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It must be kinda old hat to you guys, but last year i saved my pennies & made the pilgrimage to SDCC with my ex. We spent 3 days eating mexican food, treking about in back-packs, lining up for panels & shopping. It. Was. AWESOME!

I had so much fun. I marveled at the craftsmanship that went into all costumes. I got to ask a question at the Minimated panel. I saw Joss Whedon in a panel. I met Zach at the booth who greeted me warmly & asked what my MMMV name was (i had a flash-back to X2 where Magneto asks Pyro 'What's your *real* name?') AND I got to have a slice of pizza with some of the guys i'd been chatting, including the guy who has sent me every SDCC & TRU exclusive for the past several years.

If i had gone every year for the last decade, i might have been tired of it too, but as a newbie - i really did feel like i'd finally arrived. I can't wait to get there again some day.

Nessex, don't you live in Australia? That's a hell of a trek, I'm duly impressed. But I would beg that the next US con you come to be C2E2 or NYCC. Meet the rest of the inmates and all that. wink.png

I should add, despite my jaded response, that everyone should see SDCC once in their life. But once should do you.

And forget what that English bloke says: I'm a great roommate! He's just mad because I kept putting out my GitD acquisitions which kept him awake.

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Wow. A friend of mine posted on FB that he is at SDCC... and after a few messages, bought me a pack of stands. I feel like I should cry glorious tears of luck.

And I plan on going to NYCC next year with my bonus check from work, and will try to lose some of my extra weight to fit into my Aperture Labs work suit again, lol.

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That sounds like a good friend Zex!

I just got a text from a fiend who was able to acquire the SDCC exclusive Power Rangers/Zyuranger Figuarts stands for me, heres hoping he'll be able to pick up a Shadow Merk as well.

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I like the idea of Sin City Minimates but not the idea of black and white minimates. Pulp Fiction is an instant buy. It makes me feel very old that Clerks and Pulp Fiction both turn 20 next year. Sin City will be 9. Crazy.

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Cool Toy review has pics up.

FALCON! He comes with his Falcon which clips into his hand!



New Thor!






New Hawkeye and Black Widow!

New Venom and Nova (still the kid version)!

Iron Lad!

Hulk in a Hulk Armor!

Red Skull in Zola's body!

A weird Cap!

A new Wolvie in a black suit!


THOR 2 Loki,Malekith, Heimdall, Thor and Elf! We also get a Selvig and Darcy i think The rest might be in the tru wave.

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Underneath that robot Hulk (I forget the name) is the Gremlin (?), who is piloting it? My Marvel knowledge isn't that deep. Zach called me out on it...

And it's Rescue next to robot Hulk! Ultimate Electro and Superior Spidey 2.0.

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I took pics of Aliens. But said no photos allowed. So I will hold off on those for now. But I'm posting pics in the picture thread. I resized them so I can upload quickly and go to sleep. Sorry if it isn't great, but just to hold you over until better ones are available.

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No Pulp or Sin City Mates on display, but soon, I hope.

Aliens is no photos for now.

And it's Rescue, not Iron Lad. With Pepper Potts head and hair!

From cooltoyreview's pics it looks liked iron lad but Rescuw is awesome as well! The Aliens were in some pics of the beasts and they look amazing! I can't wait! Also, that new Nova, is he suppposed to be a repaint of the NOW! one or a Richard but with Sam's suit? And what's the deal with that purple venom? Is he an Ultimate venom?

Also, Tomb Raider stole the show for me! Sooooooo many different pieces! I'l buy cases of them. I swore that i'd just keep buying marvel and the occasional 2pack from other licences but good God, everything looks amazing! The ghostbusters look great as well! I missed ont hem the first time so there'e no chance i'll skip these.

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Thanks for posting the pics Storm, get some sleep! Some great surprises in there, Winter Soldier/Falcon set seems like it could actually be a "shut up already MMMV" selection biggrin.png, and I feared the window had closed on getting a Rescue so that's awesome. I even like the Ultronbot from that silly comic.

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