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Power Rangers Minimates

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I'm down for a wave of Jason with Kimmy, Zack with Trini, and Billy with Tommy, then Varient Tommy for The white ranger with Alpha or Zed. Anybody like that?

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I haven't seen it since I was a kid, I was around 7 so... :/ they're colorful and could be cool though. Like the Thundercats they may appeal to minimate collectors.

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I agree Power Rangers could be a great licence with all the different suits and ranger types plus monsters and robots there is more then enough to keep it going for awhile. That being said if they did make them I myself prob wouldn't bother as was way to old for the TV series even watching it with my son it never really clicked for us.

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as much as I wouldl ike to get them, I think this would be a pass for me to. I am just a touch old for Power Rangers. They came out, just as I was moving on from "kid" type programming. I bet they would make for some cool minimates though.

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I was in love with Power Rangers during the first season, so this property (along with TMNT) would be a dream for me.

However, looking back on the show now, as an adult, I have to scratch my head at how the program was even made or picked up by a tv network. it's so insanely amature... BUT, as a kid, I didn't care about the quality of the writing or acting. I loved the designs, the powers, and the robots... and even though I know a lot of people would balk at Power Ranger Minimates, I think that is one property that would work amazingly well in Minimate form. They are very colorful and the designs just lend themselves perfectly to the Minimate asthetic.

But sadly, I'm pretty sure it has been said more than once from officials at DST that Power Rangers (along with TMNT) are not on the table, and probably won't be for a long time, if ever...

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Power Rangers would look amazing as Minimates. Just think of not only the crazy villains but all the different Power Ranger costumes. You could go for years just on the different variations of the Rangers' costumes through the years. I think they'd be a good seller.

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Here's the thing, Power Rangers. objectively, really is terrible. That said, HELL YES I WOULD BUY THESE. The show might be garbage, but the ranger designs and monsters, zords and weapons and everything else is some of the best stuff on earth, for me. I love those helmets. And I have no hope these would actually happen but I would buy cases and cases of them. And yeah, I came into them when I should have been watching other stuff, I was just outside the "target age" but screw that noise. I still have a lot of good memories of that awful show, and minimates would make me happy.

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Ahh Power Rangers. I remember loving this show when I was a kid :D To be honest I'd be more interested in Super Sentai - the series Power Rangers is adapted from - than just straight up Power Rangers. I watched Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger about seven months back (space pirates with the power to transform into the 34 other Sentai teams and the sixth ranger is a die hard Sentai fanboy) and utterly LOVED that series.

Having said that, I wouldn't mind seeing Power Rangers Samurai get made into minimates. With all the different forms - Super, Mega, Super Mega and Shogun to name a few, there is A LOT of potential for variants and/or accessories. Sadly the licence seems to be with Mega Bloks and while I do like some of the figs they've produced I do think Minimates would handle them better.

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I have a very... unique perspective on this topic, in that... unlike 90% of the world (and likely every last person posting on this forum) I actually DIDN'T stop watching the show once Tommy left, and it was no longer age appropriate, and I've seen the vast vast majority of Power Rangers... over 20 years. There was a season or two later in the run that I admit I haven't seen, but I am keeping up on the most current season, and filling gaps on netflix whenever I find the time. But I have seen... literally hundreds and hundreds of episodes of Power Rangers. Probably at least 500 more than anyone here (yes, the show has gone on for THAT long since you stopped watching it) lol...

That said, it probably goes without saying that I'm a huge fan.

SO... I'm coming at this as both a gigantic Minimate fan, and a gigantic Power Rangers fan. I search those forums and news sites too... lol...

Yes it's cheesy. Yes it's cheaply made. But whatever. I'm into it for some reason. I actually just watched an interview with Jason David Frank (Tommy) from SDCC the other day, and as he put it, (I'm paraphrasing) "Yeah it's cheesy, but kids eat cheese. Kids like cheese. Kids like String Cheese. Kids like Mac and Cheese."

The early years (with Saban) were the early years... it was much cheesier and formulaic back then, but it could be, because it was new and kids dug it. Later years with Saban improved a bit. The stories and production quality got a little less formulaic. Episodes felt a little more meaningful to the show's "universe" on the whole. Most of the original viewership (and likely you) had already stopped watching it by now though. Still, it survived on new generations of kids coming in. Then Disney bought it, and the writing and production quality of the show was actually worlds better while it was owned by Disney, if you ask me. The Disney seasons had some of the best season long story arcs, writing, characters. I liked it under Disney. Since it was reacquired by Saban, it's taken a dip back toward the stupid and cheesy the last two years, and I'm actually not nuts about it. But they are at least trying to push toward a big shared universe story with the past 20 seasons, for the Anniversary year. So it's something.

Anyway... all that is just my opinions of the show. Minimates however...

Maybe... MAYBE if they were sold at TRU. Not as a specialty wave though. Kids and their parents don't shop at specialty stores as much... and I could never see this line surviving at specialty stores.

I know that zillions of people would want to lap up the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as minimates... but after that I feel like interest would die off quickly. The later seasons costumes were no less cool looking in many cases, and just as well designed... but they just haven't taken root in the world's nostalgia 1/10th as much. Would YOU Buy Power Rangers Zeo, the 1st of many reboots to the series? What about Power Rangers Turbo, Turbo was the last season with Tommy, the last of the original cast? So how 'bout Power Rangers In Space? Lost Galaxy? Lightspeed Rescue? Time Force? Wild Force? Ninja Storm? Dino Thunder? SPD? Mystic Force? Operation Overdrive? Jungle Fury? RPM? Samurai? Megaforce?

I just listed every season, but have you even heard of half of those? lol...

I would buy them all. I know other Power Ranger nerds on Power Ranger forums who would buy them all. But would YOU? I don't think your average minimate fan, or your average consumer in general... would. At least they wouldn't clamor for them. Definitely not at specialty. -Maybe- at Toys R Us they'd sell... but that would mostly be fueled by moms not being able to tell the difference between buying one ranger or another for their kids. I don't think many people would SEEK OUT Wild Force rangers. Know what I mean?

So you've got seven Mighty Morphin Rangers... a few villains (Zedd, Goldar and Rita are the only ones that ever seem to get made in more recent nostalgia lines)... maybe some secondary characters, Bulk, Skull, Alpha. Maybe some classic monsters, but that's a stretch. They don't really make toys of the 1-And Done single episode monsters much these days anymore. Even in the main line. And then after that yeah... interest dies off quickly.

They'd probably also do a Megaforce wave to promote the new season. Maybe a few misc classic red rangers. Then the line would end... and me and every other Power Ranger nerd would just be disappointed that it was never more fleshed out... lol.

That pretty much sums up every Power Rangers line of products ever, btw. Maybe Some Mighty Morphin' nostalgia products. Mostly "Current Season" products. Maybe a little extra from the years between. Then done.

Don't get me wrong, I would buy every last one they made. I just... don't see it as a great line for minimates. Despite having 20 years worth of heroes and villains to pluck from, I don't see the line surviving. IMO, as a fan of both properties. Minimate fans, we want to milk a line for every character it's worth. We'd love every line to last forever, like Marvel. We're always asking, "Will we ever see more Ghostbusters? Back to the Future? Star Trek? Star Trek TNG? Street Fighter?" Power Rangers lines... they don't do that. They don't last. They smash out whatever current product they can in a year... then they reboot the line, and restart from square 1 for the current season.

This would just be another 2 waves and done property for Diamond, and I don't want that. I'd take it. But I don't want it, lol. I'd prefer to get ALL TWENTY YEARS (which won't happen) or nothing at all. Maybe I'd be content with just Mighty Morphin' but if they dabbled at all in later seasons... I'd just get bummed that those seasons weren't all incomplete and fleshed out.

BUT if they WERE to do it. 2014 would be the time... as the big anniversary season is airing next year. Big crossover battle. 20 years. 100+ rangers. If they don't do it now, there won't be a better time.

I just don't think they'll do it now... lol...

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Gill bob, you and I seem to be a lot alike in this specific situation. I watched the show through Turbo, but then kinda of got busy and while I know every season and things and have seen episodes here and there, I haven't seen it entirely. But I am in fact still a fan and while the original is always going to be my favorite interms of suit design and whatnot, I know that a lot of the later stuff is awesome. So while mates wouldn't be huge for us, they might be big elsewhere. Where I think they need to seek them is Target. It's 2013 and my target is regularly emptied out of any and all power rangers toys. So yeah, I want these minimates and now is definitely the time to put them out there, but if they don't happen they don't happen. No big deal. I would buy crazy amounts of Zeo. But oh well, I have my figuarts rangers now. (check the non-Minimate photo thread for that)

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Those Lego figs are awesome. I really like how his Gokaigers (especially Don) look. I hope he expands it to include Gold, Cyan, Grey, Violet and Silver.

I agree with what last few guys have said; I think some of the non-MMPR/Zyuranger suits are just as good (maybe even... better?) as the "iconic" ones. I'd personally like to see Ninja Storm/Hurricaneger and Samurai/Shinkenger minimates as I'm a big fan of how both teams look. I know it's a bit much, but I'd also love it if they each came with two sets of heads - the American MMPR version (say Jason for MMMPR season 1) and their Super Sentai equivalent (i.e. Geki from Zyuranger). However I appreciate the number of Sentai/Minimate fans may not be as big as number of PR/Minimate fans, and even then, the Sentai heads may not appeal as much to younger fans either.

Also on a slight tangent, I saw this video a few days ago and though some people may be interested.

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I agree with Gillbob's observation that Power Rangers is a very mass market property and probably not suited to the specialty market at all, at least in North America. I can see it working great at TRU but falling flat in comic shops. That's not a bad thing and it could certainly be the type of property that attracts younger collectors and gets the Minimates brand to the next level.

Having never been a Power Rangers fan, I'm not sure it would make this list but it would probably grab my attention.

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I'm only interested in MMPR and the original 6 Rangers, with Rocky, Aisha and Adam being represented by alternate heads for Trini, Jason and Zack under their helmets. I'd probably never display any of the civilian heads but it would be cool to have it be an option. As far as how the releases would go, I think a TRU 6 pack of White, Red, Black, Blue, Yellow and Pink would be the best way to go about it. $29.99 seems like a fair price for the 6 figures, 6 hair pieces, 3 alternate heads, 6 blasters and their individual weapons. I see any villians falling flat......just like the original toyline and the 2010 3.75 figures. They look cool enough but they arent as iconic or relevant as the original 6 have stayed 20 years later. Seems like a one-and-done to me, or possibly 3 or 4 four packs




Lord Zedd




Rita Repulsa



Alpha 5


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I'd be very interested in seeing how they might pull off a Zordon figure. My initial thought would be a playset of the Command Center, with Zordon being part of the set...

And while I like the idea of a 6 pack, I'm pretty sure that's officially off the table as a format from this point forward (am I correct in remembering Zach or Chuck saying that they won't be revisiting that format at all?) ... I would think that, in terms of longevity, they would do the 2pack route, pairing one ranger with one villain. Split between specialty and TRU, you could get a good chunk of the first series out in just one wave, with Putties being the one carryover between the two venues.

But I don't want to get too deep into wishlisting, or I'll just start depressing myself sleep.png

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