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My 3D Printer has arrived, and my first prints are for Minimates of course!

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I just tested it with Falcon. I can have him leaning over completely, with his wings forward, and the base still has no problem staying upright.

You should add a picture to the website showing a minimate standing next to the flight stand to show how tall it is

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Great work Luke, the Hand Propelled Flight Stands could possibly double for an Iceman stand, providing he was posed well (and acrobatic).

Would love to see a selection of Spiderman stands, got so many Spidey's, would be nice to pose them differently.

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So it has been quite a while, but I have another 3D printed release ready:

High Impact Base




My 3D printer was down for several months for 2 different repairs, and I have also been incredibly busy, but I am really happy to be able to release a new item! You have seen this happen in comics time and time again - one character gets hit and slams into the ground, skidding for a few feet before dragging up a mound of debris. This item has been in the works for over 9 months, and has the added bonus of the gritty paint application.

Based on the performance of my 3D printer thus far, going forward I will be printing and refining one item, and then molding it and casting it in resin. That is what I did for this release, and it will minimize the wear and tear on my printer. I am hoping to release other items soon. The High Impact Base is available in the store here. smile.png

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Luke, I was looking at some of your stuff. You might could save on material and time if you made them hollow. Just an idea.

I have tried this, but it still seems to be too much wear and tear on the machine to be doing mass runs of anything, even if it is hollow or tiny. And for items that I will be molding and casting, it is easier for it to not be hollow. Thanks for the suggestion though!

That looks awesome!

Is there any chance that the stand pack will ever be made again?

Some of them I will be able to mold and cast, and some I will not. I am planning to re-release some once I have time to mold them. Most likely after the new year.

Having been working with you printer for a little over a year now, how would you assess it, and home 3D printing in general? It sounds like it's really not geared to mass production?

I have been following the progress of other people using this printer (Form 1) and also similar printers like the B-9. It seems that anyone trying to use it for mass production runs into the same problems that I did, with the machine breaking down at least twice a year. At this time, it seems that these lower priced machines (less than $5000) are definitely geared towards hobbyist uses, and some light prototyping. Mine was running 12 hours a day for weeks when it broke down. But others have been running it for 8 hours a week for nearly 2 years without a problem.

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