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E3 discussion and news

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well since no one else has started one, I might as well. So E3 starts today and I am SUPER excited!

most of the press conferences are gonna be live streaming here:

though im sure they will be in other places as well

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Every time a new series of game systems comes out, I say I'm gonna pass. Then, inevitably, something happens that forces me to buy one, then another, then another of the damn things. Hopefully this trend will not continues with the PS4, Xbox720, etc.

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Every time a new series of game systems comes out, I say I'm gonna pass. Then, inevitably, something happens that forces me to buy one, then another, then another of the damn things. Hopefully this trend will not continues with the PS4, Xbox720, etc.

You do realize it has a proper name right? It's Xbox One. :)

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so the microsoft press conference was just so-so, they showed off a lot of cool new games, but didnt really address any of the concerns about the X-box One

highlights for me: MGS (horses and punished snake...aight)

2. new Dead Rising (3) that actually looks bad ass!

3. Witcher 3 looks pretty darn great...and mooses!

4. Ryse a game about romans...woooo (their armor is shiny though)

5. new Halo! and it looks pretty! well the cinematic did, looking forward to see if its any better than 4

there was more things but i think those were the ones that stuck in my mind the most

cant wait for the Sony panel :D

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Yeah, it will be interesting to see what price point Sony launches at, as someone who bought both the 360 and PS3 at launch, I've decided this time I'm only going with one. Since games and digital content won't carry over from either the 360 or PS3, it's a level playing field with the XBox One having a slight edge just because I already have a Gold membership.

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So, Dead Rising 3 is XBone exclusive? Guess I'll be missing out, because I refuse to buy an XBone due to their anti-consumer practices and forced Kinnect BS. I refuse to rent a service, I expect to own what I purchase. Let's see what PS4 will have to offer, but I'm prepared to sit this next generation out.

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I have already pre-ordered my Day One Edition of the Xbox One. The system looks amazing and for all of the naysayers, HA - THERE WERE GAMES!!

MGS 5 looks amazing, Halo was a given, Quantum Break continues to intrigue me, and Insomniac doing Xbox Exclusive!!

I personally have ZERO interest in Ryse, Titanfall, or Forza, but they are there too.

I'm most excite for the indie scene. With Below and Minecraft announced, I'm excited about the potential there.

All in all, if did everything I needed it to do. The price IS a little steep, I was hoping for $400 for both consoles. And if PS4 can deliver it's product for $400 MS is going to have a problem. But if the XONE follows the trend of the 360 (which with the cloud it should) it will be completely worth the money in the long run. Well done Microsoft!

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Whatever system gets this game first, you have my purchase.

EDIT: I dunno why the youtube video isn't working

i was so pissed by how little they showed us of this...but im too excited to care biggrin.png

just gonna leave this here

watch dogs


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Halfway through the presentation; Sony just curb stomped Microsoft!

*No need for 24 hour connection

*Used games supported

*Support for indies

The crowd literally went insane in the live stream i watched

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And almost every "demo" they have shown so far has locked up...

this isnt really a bad sign, i mean im grateful they even attempt live demos

PS4 has beaten the XBone and won my buy. I am super excited to see the rest of the new content E3 has lined up, also looking forward to Nintendo tomorrow morning

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So that was interesting... It was almost as if Sony decided to have low key show, then just for fun say hey don't put up with that MS bullshit... And everyone went wild.

Sony won E3 IMO... Of course I'll wait a year before jumping on board the next gen but the lack of stupid DRM is the main reason I'll be jumping from MS to Sony for this round.

Will be interesting to see how developer support goes for Sony if they aren't getting a cut of used games like MS, of course the flipside of that is.. if you're not selling consoles/games because no one wants to deal with MS's stupid policies then the used game market is a moot point.


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i think the biggest game reveals for me were:

Battlefront (while EA did say they had a surprise and it was speculated, this was still a BIG win)

Halo (we saw it coming but still big news)

Mad Max (WAY outta the blue, holy crap)

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Well, I'd like to start my morning with a health dose of CROW. So, Sony did NOT follow suit with MS and that shocked me completely. If you would have asked me Sunday, I would have said that Sony has no way to "win" this Generation. Now, there is no way they can "lose" it! They are launching with none of the restrictions of the Xbox One, better 1st party studios, PlayStation plus which is an amazing service that will offer a free game every month, and they are $100 cheaper at launch. Holy Cow. Well done Sony, well done!

As for me, I'm still on the fence. I pre-ordered my Day One Xbox One right after the conference. And THEN, last night I also pre-ordered the PS4. I will not buy both (at least, right now I don't think I will), but I'm finding myself really, really torn and not sure what to do. Here's where I stand:

Xbox One:

-Most of my current gaming is on 360, so my Achievements mean a lot.

-The Controller, the reason I play more 3rd party games on the 360 is the Controller is SO MUCH BETTER than the Dual Shock

-Halo, period, the only MS Exclusive that I care about.

-XBLA, the single greatest thing about the current-gen for me has been the Arcade: Shadow Complex, Castle Crashers, Braid, Mark of the Ninja, etc. This will continue into next-gen.

-Kinect Voice Controls

-Twitch Integration


-Developer Friendly, they can publish their own games.

-Playstation Plus, offers so many more features than Xbox Live, including a free game every month!

-Sony Exclusives: Infamous, Uncharted, DCU Online, Kingdom Hearts 3, 1886, Killzone, etc. Such a higher quality with Exclusives

-$100 Cheaper, I'm a father with 2 kids (and 1 on the way), $100 is $100!

Things I don't care about:

-Third Party Support, the games I want will be on both: Watchdogs, AC4, Madden, CoD, etc.

-Connected: required or not, my console will always be connected to the internet.

-DRM/Trade Games: I buy digital only, so this doesn't affect me either way.

Needless to say, I have a lot to mull over in the coming days to make a decision. The good news is, we are in for an amazing, AMAZING Next-Gen. The Division, Starwars Battlefront, New EA Sports Games, Watch_Dogs.....there is just ALOT to look forward too and I'm pumped. Can't wait to hear more about the games on the floor starting today!

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From what i've seen i'll be skipping this gen and i'll become a full on pc gamer. I found a sweet gaming rig which while costing 1.950 euros has the best the pc market has to offer. The deal breaker for me was the prices and the subscription plan. I hate having to pay for online play. And to tell you the truth except from the exclusives pc are the best solution. I'll have my photoshop, my after effects, my tv series, my games, everything rolled up into one system. And with the best graphics and various mods. I might buy them a couple of years later, i dunno. Kinda like how i'm going to buy a 3ds now that the price is low enough. The vita though is a failiure. Seriously, they announced hd remakes for the system? That's it? Some old remakes and god of war 1&2? If nintendo shows some good stuff for the 3ds i'll definetely try and sell my ps vita and buy a 3ds.

Although i liked some of the exclusives (ki, project spark, quantum break, infamous). Destiny,The division and Halo (well, it's halo!) were the highlights for me and i hope they port them to pc. Overall, ms showed some good exclusives and i'm looking forward to them but i bet that down the road, they will port them to pc. I mean the division will come out for tablets and not pcs? Give me a break!

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Im gonna be sticking to Sony, I loved my PS3 and with the PS4 I can finally feel like I have a system that is gaming friendly as well as media friendly, but with a bigger emphasis on the gaming. The price also does it for me in a big way, and since plus is not a problem for me, as it is an amazing service, I am sold entirely.

also Sony is looking to have a lot of exclusive content for a LOT of games I want

now please let battlefront be available on both systems!

im looking forward to some nintendo news this morning (mainly pokemon and scribblenauts) and then hopefully we will get to see more on games like watch dogs, arkham origins, the division, mad max, battlefront, lego marvel, infamous second son and many others throughout the week

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