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View Askew Minimates

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Are they supposed to be in black and white? I'm fan of these guys getting Mates but not if they release only black and white versions.

The first ViewAskew movie, Clerks, was in B&W. I assume if they are going wide with the license, the first B&W set is to both commemorate the first movie, and to make a special set that won't piss off fans if they miss out. Personally, I want this set in color more than anything, and would be upset if I missed out on that. So think of this as a "preview" set. I'm sure there will be more.

As a fan of the movies, I don't need every character to be made, but I'll be buying the ones that come out. I only care about Clerks 1 & 2 (and maybe the upcoming 3?) and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. I'd also take some Dogma, but can live without them. But I can totally like without Chasing Amy or Mallrats (or Jersey Girls), mainly because most of them are in J&SBSB, and are also boring designs.

My Wishlist:

Color version of J&SB from J&SBSB with PVC orangutan

Marshall Willenholly with Cockknocker

Bluntman & Chronic

Dante & Randall (Clerks 2 Mooby outfits, bonus points for "Porch Monkey for Life" on Randal's back!)

Dante & Randall (B&W from Clerks to compliment the SDCC J&SB B&W set)

Alan Rickman & George Carlin from Dogma (yes, I just want them for customs, but would buy extras for that :) )

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Alanis Morissette ftw!

The return of Rock Minimates :D

This is awesome news. And the cool thing is, Jay and Silent Bob would fit in any minimate display, holding up the wall of your diorama. :thumbsup:

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this is awesome news! View Askew Mates have been on my wishlist forever. really hope we can get a Buddy Christ.

hope we can get a Carrie Fisher mate out of this as well smile.png just pack the Nun in w/ Cock-Knocker and call it a day! so many actors have been in these movies it's crazy.

Jason Lee

Jeremy London

Shannen Doherty

Claire Forlani

Stan Lee

Ben Affleck

Joey Lauren Adams

Alan Rickman

Lunda Fiorentino

Matt Damon

George Carlin

Salma Hayak

Janeane Garofalo

Alanis Morrisette

Will Ferrell

James Van Der Beek

Jason Biggs

Mark Hamill

Carrie Fisher

Eliza Dushku

Shannon Elizabeth

Ali Larter

Judd Nelson

Chris Rock

Seann William Scott

Jamie Kennedy

Wes Craven

Diedrich Bader

Jon Stewert

Tracy Morgan

Rosario Dawson

Wanda Sykes

Earthquake (Nathaniel Martin Stroman)

and thats just the "major" actors, imagine all the customs we could crank out if even half of these are produced biggrin.png

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Dogma is one of my top favorite movies ever, so I'd absolutely love Minimates. I'd had plans to do some customs for a Custom Con, but I may not have to now... :D

My question is, which Willam do we want?

Clerks/J&SBSB played by Smith editor Scott Mosier?


Or the better known Mallrats Ethan Suplee?


I'd prefer the latter, personally.

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COLOUR! and other movies. Mallrats!...STAN LEE!. I know there is prob no chance in hell of that figure being made but he was in the movie so we can blindly obsess as usual. I'm just happy to get colour figures and maybe Bluntman and Cronic

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Hat tip to Diamond Select for bringing Kevin Smith on board for a line of Minimates. These look awesome. Now we have two huge names in independent comics doing Minimates lines (Kirkman being the other).

Hope this leads to Mignola Minimates in the future.

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By "big name" I'd say he has far more mainstream associations with comics than many other comic book artists, even though (and probably because of) his work being primarily in Movie, TV, and Internet (Smodcast etc). I think he potentially brings the Minimates brand to a another subset of comic collector - someone who buys comics and watches movies, but doesn't buy toys.

In my brain this puts him in the Independent Comic realm..

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A big name in Independent film, sure, but Marvel, DC and two licensed comics make him pretty mainstream as far as comics go. He's certainly one of the most famous comic fans and, although not necessarily for his comics work, one of the most famous creators.

I'm excited for the new audience this line will reach, but I wouldn't wait for this line to lead to Hellboy Minimates.

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I can't tell you how excited I am about it. Kevin Smith is my favorite actor of all time. I have all his movies signed by the man himself. Clerks & Mallrats are 2 of my favorite movies of all time. Heck, the quote in my profile is from Mallrats. Can you tell I'm excited?

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