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Custom help?

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Since I'm extremely new to these figures (I only have Avengers Widow & Hawkeye and Blade Trinity Abby Whistler), I have no idea what's good or bad, especially in terms of customizing my own.

I want a Hitman.

I've got this suit on preorder at BBTS:

Looking at this for the tie:

The black gloved hands are giving me pause, because I can't find two pistol-gripping ones in the same set. Thankfully, they're cheap enough that buying extras wouldn't matter, but I also want them to match as well.

BBTS has so many different options for the body, I just need to settle on one (I'm thinking "Slim", since Hitman should be fit, but not bulky), and make sure it's compatible with the suit. It'd be nice if the suit had specifications.

And lastly, the head. I have no idea what to do for the head. Obviously, it has to be bald. It'd be nice if I could find someone who's made a custom Hitman head for sale. Then I really wouldn't have to worry about the barcode on the back. any of you experts have any suggestions? Even "hey don't get that suit or tie, here're better ones"?

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For the hands, I know they're a little difficult to come by, but Bank Robber Joker has two trigger finger hands. If you keep an eye out, you might be able to find a pair for a good price.

As far as bodies, here's a comparison of the three bodies HT just put out. I personally would go with the basic body, as the slim is actually a bit shorter, and really skinny.

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