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Charitymates 7

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Iiiiiit's that time again, folks! Time to put your thinking caps on and whet your custom skills. It's the 7th annual Charitymates event. For those of you new here, here's what happens. Every year we think of a theme, and then select a charity. The participants then create custom minimates matching the theme that are then auctioned off on ebay, with 25% of the proceeds going to site upkeep, and 75% going to the charity. Simple, right? We usually give a few months to complete our customs. And I don't know if it's an act of God, Murphy's Law or just the way the world is, but it seems like there's always a crisis that arises just when we're ready to help. Kinda makes us all little heroes in a way I suppose.

So, we should pick a theme and a charity. Discuss away.

I'm not quite sure on theme, but for the last several years we've donated to the Red Cross. I see no reason to change now unless something comes up. Do y'all?

EDIT: Charity is live HERE!

Charitymates 7: Hero Time! Supporting Sandy Hook Relief

The 7th annual Charitymates customizing event is here! Can y'all believe it has been 7 years already? Astounding. Charitymates is an annual charity event held at the Minimate Multiverse. During this event, Minimate customizers (veteran and novice alike) create and donate a Minimate custom based on a theme chosen by the community. These one-of-a-kind creations are then auctioned off on eBay with 100% of the proceeds going to a specific charity (also chosen by the community). This year's theme is: Super Heroes (space or hyphenated, we don't want to get sued. tongue.png) Use one of the many interesting and unique public domain super heroes to honor Sandy Hook, or create something original on your own! Here is a handy list.

The event dates run from NOW, May 1st through July 31st. If at all possible, please have your customs in the mail by August 1st. I would like to have all the auctions live by Aug 15th, allowing for a little wiggle room in the postal system. I will send everyone my mailing address once I have a list of everyone participating.

Ready? Set? Customize!

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I might be wrong but we've never donated to the same charity twice to the best of my knowledge.


Just had a look through the old projects and here's a list of the charities we've supported in the past:

America's Blood Centers, World Wildlife Fund, Books For Kids, Convoy of Hope, Direct Relief International, American Red Cross

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I would suggest a charity that is assisting the families of the Sandy Hook victims.

Newtown Parent Connection

United Way of Western Connecticut

I'm not intentionally being that guy. This is just an honest question. Would this cause a problems if our mates had guns and/or weapons?

Seriously Dino guns & weapons aren't going to cause a problem for anyone ,anytime, anywhere .

It's a fact ,I read it .....somewhere.

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Nah, not buying it. I could see it being bad taste if one of us were to make a "move theatre shooter" character, but that's not going to happen. We make fictional characters to be bid on by minimate collectors. No room for politics here.

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My mom once told me "You have no control over what other people get offended by. You can only control what you are offended by." There's always going to be people out there who cry amputee when they get a splinter, or complain because fluffy bunnies got run over and people took pics of roadkill. And you know what? That's fine. They have that right. And I, likewise, have the right to do whatever I want (within legality) and not care if I offend someone. Because no matter what I think, do, say or breath, someone will be offended. But I'm going to have enough respect for the mourning of other human beings to not rub salt in their wounds, and perhaps tread softer around those in mourning than those who are celebrating. The same way you're gentler with a child than an adult. It's common sense.

So I say no censor other than self censor. We're all well-rounded adults here. We all usually mean well. I doubt we're going to be painting any T-1000 pieces red with Sin Eater's shotgun. Just remember your audience no matter who they end up being.

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As always, I'm in.

And as per the previous years, I am assuming we are sticking to Original or Royalty free characters.

Suggestions..... uumm, some type of Mash-up? I'd love for us to be able to do New Amalgam Marvel/DC..... or mash-ups of 2 Marvel or 2 DC....Indie....But, don't think we could do anything like those.

Maybe do characters in a different theme...... Astro-mech Pinocchio, Steam-punk Ali-babba.......

Just throwing some things out there.....

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I wanted to suggest "Zombies" after we already had a lot great zombie survivor customs... but I think for the suggested charity, that would be at least unappropriate.

Other than that, I like the Steam Punk idea and the early/mid 20th Century alternative history thing a lot. We could even have characters remotly being inspired by popculture characters. I think something in the direction of my Luke Rand guy being inspired by Luke Cage/Iron Fist.

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We could create our own imaginary forgotten "line" of superhero comics. It doesn't have to be limited to the Golden or Silver Ages, but could be inspired by trends in comics at the time (like the Escapist, the Sentry, ect). So you children of the 90s can create your own X-Force/ WildC.A.T.S-type characters if you want.

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I think whatever it is it should be something that inspires several customs. Last years customs were awesome, but for some reason didn't strike a cord as much as the previous year (the year before had 2-3 times as many customs). Something like superheroes or zombies is pretty wide reaching and might not be as intimidating since there's so many pre-existing parts that can be used by the casual customizer, plus the character selection isn't limited to something that actually exists. Just my $.02 worth.

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