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Marvel vs DC Fightclub

Marvel vs DC  

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  1. 1. Mister Fantastic vs Elongated Man

    • Mister Fantastic
    • Elongated Man
  2. 2. Sandman vs Clayface

    • Sandman
    • Clayface

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so, while this may not be minimate related, I figured it'd be a cool fun thing to do and would give me a chance to practice drawing with my tablet.

anywho, every week I will post a new line up for you all to vote on, I expect the art to get better as I go, since this is the first time Ive really done something from scratch digitally, so bear with me.

the first two fights will be up from now until next Thursday.

Round 1:

Mister Fantastic vs Elongated Man


Mister Fantastic:

Reed Richards, a brilliant scientist, set off on an exploratory mission in space with a crew of his friends and family. While on the mission, their ship was hit with cosmic rays, changing their physiology and giving them great powers. As Mister Fantastic, Reed has superhuman elasticity, malleability, shape shifting and endurance. Reed also has made numerous incredible scientific discoveries, such as harnessing the power of unstable molecules and creating a portal to the Negative Zone.

Elongated Man:

Ralph Dibny spent his early life studying chemistry in order to create a formula from the Gingo fruit of the Yutacan, which gave him his elasticity. Ralph is married to Sue Dibny and together the too make a detective duo, using both extraordinary gadgets and detective skills to solve crimes. As Elongated Man he has superior deductive reasoning and a finite ability to stretch and shape his body.

Round 2:

Sandman vs Clayface


Sandman: Flint Marko (formerly named William Baker) was mutated by irradiated sand in a nuclear testing zone while attempting to escape Rykers Island. Marko gained the ability to become sand, shapeshift using it, and a various other ways of manipulating it, including controlling sand, changing his size,the ability to change his density and create and control copies of himself.


Matt Hagen was a past his prime actor who went through a disfiguring car accident. Desperate to regain his image, he allowed business man and criminal; Roland Daggett, in return for a chemical compound named "Renuyu" Matt has to commit crimes for Daggett, utilizing his acting skills and the chemical. After prolonged exposure, Hagen is transformed into a monstrous shape-shifting creature. Clayface has shapeshifting abilities, as well as the ability to increase and decrease his size and density, he can create and control copies of himself, change his voice and has super strength.

Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, make requests and vote! biggrin.png

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