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C3: WWE Stackdown!


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I thought that might be Punk on the floor that Santino is attacking? Maybe Sandow?

If that's Punk, then they've REALLY got some likeness problems. laugh.png I'm pretty sure that's Sandow. The one I can't figure out is the one that's right next to Cena. I think it's either Randy Orton or the Miz, but he's so generic looking it's hard to say

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Have to say, the more I see, the less I like. Some of those playsets are seriously goofy. John Cena's garage? Santino's cobra cage? Dunno.gif

Those little holes in the side of the figures legs are really weird as well. They are kind of like the hex holes in the Batman Brave and the Bold toys. Ah, whatever. They are clearly aimed entirely at kids, so I'm sure they will do fine. Since, you know, every kid dreams of being able to build his own WWE production truck!

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What's Sandow's giant ray gun supposed to represent? Pretty insane that there is no Daniel Bryan, of all those figures being produced. Obviously this is due to a major lag of, what, 7-8 months since the prototypes were developed? But damn. Shows you how much things have changed in that time. The old school Undertaker actually doesn't look too bad, but I think it's because all the black disguises the hideous figure design.

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Wow, these things are basically Minimates. Makes me wish we had actual WWE Minimates! How can they blatantly rip off the Minimates design though?

Palisades came dangerously close to knocking off the Minimates body style, so close that they ended up modifying it before it was released.

The hands are significantly different enough but the rest of the body looks awfully familiar. Given AA's past partnership with Play Along, I'm thinking Bridge Direct's boat could be rocked if DST really wanted to. I wouldn't want the body style to become generic.

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@DDM101: Those Shield customs are pretty nice! I was just thinking about trying to do them after watching the big main event with them and Punk and Bryan. Reigns and Rollins are really spot-on (though Seth still needs his two-tone hair), but Ambrose's likeness isn't quite as close. Still, I think I'll be copying those!

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Ok, found Kofi, Santino, Sandow and Sin Cara at K-Mart today, $9.99 each. Sorry for the bad pictures, just wanted to get some quick ones done.


The holes along their side (1 rib on each side, 1 ankle on each side) and back aren't as bad as I was expecting, they actually help posing for slams and moves.


Feet are angled, so they need 3 building block stud spaces to stand. It does make them pretty sturdy though, all stand well without their stands.


Sin Cara is the same size as Sandow, no real size difference between the 4 figures I got. Pretty close in size to Minimates.


WWE arms and pelvis fit into Minimate body pretty well (arms are a little tight). Minimate arms are very loose on the WWE body, and Minimate pelvis barely fits into WWE body. Heads don't work at all. WWE neck ball is way bigger.

Other notes....

-Sandow comes with extra flesh arms, so he can be disrobed

-The belt comes with Kofi, I just gave it to Sandow

-building sets are iffy in quality. A little soft, don't lock as well as a certain 'Major Brand'

-surprised to see the C3 Construction logo back

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Thanks buddy. Yeah ambrose was a bugger to do. I tried many many hairs for him. I opted for that one cos it almost flops in his eyes like it used to. I may revisit it down the line lol

I spent a good ten minutes trying to come up with a better Ambrose formula and failing. His hair is really not like any 'mate hair I can think of; the closest is probably the one that came with Kraven and the first Dr. Strange (which is, incidentally, what I used for my MITB '11 CM Punk). As far as heads go, the new smirky head that comes with TRU Superior Spidey may work for him.

@JeffBohn: thanks for the reviews and photos! For ten bucks, I will at least pick up the Kofi one to give one of my customs a championship belt (Jericho, I guess, since he's Mr. Intercontinental).

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Picked up the Undertaker entrance set at Toys R Us. Still odd they are going with the ABA Undertaker there, but gives us a minimate sized motorcycle. Sadly, it doesn't have chrome parts like it showed on the box, just grey.

I'll get a picture up tonight showing motorcyle scale vs a minimate.

ABA Undertaker could almost pass as Stone Cold after taking his hair off.

edit - Found the Sheamus/Mysterio set on the way home also. Sheamus does not come with parts to display with his t-shirt off.


Austin from Undertaker and Sandow parts....


And the bike...


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Picked up the ring the other day at TRU, used the 20% off coupon and $5 rewards toward it. Haven't put it together yet though.

Miz comes with flesh arms in addition to the coat arms, Cena doesn't come with anything extra, he's stuck in his t-shirt. Thrilled we get a referee so early!

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