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I was not aware of a running change on the top hat, I'll ask about it.

I thought it was some kind of mold-release agent, because it comes off when you touch it. It looks nice in the package, but a single swipe with your finger and it's off.

...and then the damn kids are flying around the livingroom. Careful with those happy thoughts, folks!
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So I picked up an extra set of these to use as fodder, and I decided to use Tinkerbell to make my daughter her first custom:

Those of you without little girls won't recognize her, but that's Periwinkle, who is somehow Tinkerbell's sister (I don't know the particulars). She's a pretty simple formula: Quicksilver's hair, the legs from Peter Pan's John, and a little blue paint.sorcerer.gif

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Damn. Glad I didn't pick up too many extras yet.

It does seem as if all the Peter Pan stuff has been discounted; I don't think any of it sold very well at all. And Disney is usually pretty good about clearancing things and not letting them hang around. You can get old Pops for $2-3, and they are still making more of those. So I don't think we should panic yet and assume these were a disaster and that we won't be getting any more Disney Minimates.

It's nice to have such cheap custom fodder out there, though, particularly with the new short arms and legs. I already used my sets to make a set of customs that I'll be showing off shortly. And there's some other cool unique pieces there. I used the feet from the Lost Boy in the bunny suit to upgrade my Usagi Yojimbo, and the skunk's tail is perfect for Hezbollah of the Starjammers. And, with a little brown paint, might do nicely as a squirrel's tail....

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Holy crap! I need to source out someone to hook me up with a couple sets of these. My kids camp is having a mini-Free Comic Book Day and I think these would make awesome door prizes since they will appeal to all ranges of kids at the camp not just the boys who already are asking if I have extra Minimates to bring to camp for them! If anyone here is stocking up and would mind helping me out with this please let me know!

Jeff of the Miniacs

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So I took an early lunch and headed down to my Disney Store... I bought 2 extra sets each of the box sets, and one of the boat. I really don't want another boat, but I need Wendy's head for a custom, and I don't want to steal my daughter's (my daughter's Wendy's head, I should clarify). Anybody want another boat? I'll trade for a figure.

BTW, Jeff, I can probably help you out. PM me.

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