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Did the Disney Store ever really "carry" Minimates? Sporadic box sets don't really constitute a clearly defined beginning and end. Sounds like your DS employee was being lazy.

Actually, they are really helpful at that store, but information about this set seemingly wasn't communicated to DS employees until well after you announced it. The first time I went in there looking for the set, they basically were hearing about it for the first time. They had seen Minimates on the store plan-o-gram, but had assumed it was a new Marvel set. So you can't really blame the employees for not possessing information that was never passed on to them.

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I had her ask about them. She was told they don't carry minimates anymore,

Just saying, someone needed to look at the planogram. :)

No doubt ... and to be honest, the only reason I never checked back is because (like hellpop stated) they are so nice and helpful, and on the ball. Maybe it was an off day, or someone newer to the store. they've even called me before when the truck showed up and was unloaded.

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Alright, I'm late to this thread, but my post about Disney mates over in the C2E2 thread made me come seek it out...

So RE: Minimates at Parks...

I come from a big Orlando tourism family, and do the parks down there frequently, despite living in Chicago, lol...

Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure, in Orlando, has a Marvel area/attractions, that predate Disney's acquisition of Marvel, and yes, they've sold minimates on and off and on again for years. Usually the specialty store waves, like a comic book shop would have. I've picked up lots of variant sets there on trips, because people don't tend to be looking for them there, so they're usually plentiful (but also slightly overpriced, like most themepark merch. But variants are slightly overpriced pretty much anywhere you buy them, so it's fine. lol...)

I've also seen a few boxed sets there. Wolverine TTA jumps out in my memory. I know I saw that at Universal... I recall.

I have never seen Minimates at a Disney park, though I admit my family has toned down the trips in recent years, and my visits to Disney have been sparse since they bought Marvel. I will keep a weather eye next time I go though.

As to the question of Universal properties... I've always been VERY aware of the fact that Diamond seems to work frequently with Universal... and would love to see more...

Terminator, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and Universal Monsters all definitely have a presence in Universal's theme parks. They all furthermore, have or once had some sort of show/attraction. Funnily enough though, I never recall seeing any of them being sold in the parks... only Marvel, to my memory.

I for one, would love to see more Universal Studios properties as minimates. Men in Black, The Mummy (the Bredon Fraser franchise), Shrek, Nickelodeon, Bill and Ted, Jurassic Park... there are many licenses in their parks that are as yet untapped by minimates. They also have that whole Wizarding World of Harry Potter shindig going on there now too, but strictly speaking, that's not their intellectual property, I believe.

In any event, me personally speaking... I don't know how great a fit they'd be for the parks. The problem is Minimates are generally a cheap/affordable toy... and theme park merch is usually far from cheap/affordable, lol. There's a REASON the only minimates I ever bought from Universal were variants, lol... Because paying $15+ for a regular 2-Pack is... outrageous, lol. So I personally wouldn't buy most minimates there, were they available elsewhere. And they should be available elsewhere, as a park exclusive would be outrageous, and just anger collectors who can't get to Disney World, lol...

I'll note at this point, not only have I seen minimates in Universal's parks, I've also seen them in bulk at Universal outlets in Orlando... being clearanced off in large numbers for cheap. I'm sure they move lots of Spider-Men and Iron-Men, but I don't see how many people walk into the park looking to buy a Happy Hogan minimate (which is probably why I found him so easily, lololol)

But if the characters had big enough appeal, for moms to buy their kids. Then I could see it making sense. Disney Allstars would be good. Marvel 'Best of' would be good.

So *Shrug* it's a tossup. I don't know that Universal Monsters -would- sell that well in the park. Collectors don't want to pay park prices, and I don't really see kids dying to walk out with a Quasimodo boxed set? Know what I mean? I could see the STAR monsters selling, maybe... but the monster line also has alot of... human and girlfriend characters... that would warm pegs in a themepark severely.

Disney though does seem a good fit for the parks. Their characters ALL have a kid appeal, and most are timeless. So I'd certainly love to see the Disney mates expand into the park. I wouldn't buy them there, 'cause I'm a cheap ass, but if they sold to moms with kids there, it could help the line expand. Maybe. I dunno.


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Great deal. I e-mailed the link to my wife so she might order the 4-packs alongside a larger order for pajamas or whatever. Seeing this is a bit bittersweet though. The items available are ranked by popularity. Doesn't seem to be a comprehensive list as only one Minimate pack appears, but the one showing up is near the very end of the 300+ items listed. Doesn't bode well for future Disney Minimates, though I kinda figured that would be the case anyway when I compared the prices (particularly the $30 for that boat set) with that of other smallish toys sold by Disney.

Even at 40% off, I can't bring myself to buy that boat (still nearly $20).

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From what I recall with the Marvel boxsets last year, they shipped well and arrived in great condition, but my concern is that damn Pirate Ship. Almost every Pirate Ship I have seen in-store has a destroyed j-hook. I stopped by a DS outside of Chicago and there were at least 5 that the j-hook had completely removed and was replaced by a sticker hook.

Hopefully, these ship from a warehouse where they haven't been hanging on display.

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I've had some horendous experiences with shipment pacakaging before from Disney, some where the replacements were worse than the first ones that were damaged. They mostly put stuff in an oversized box and throw some of those larger inflated bags in with the product. That works great for clothes and stuffed animals, but packaged items don't work well like that unless the box is mostly full. There have been a few times there's no packing in the box and there's more space in there than product. I've gotten maybe 20 packages from them in the last year and more often than not they're not packed very securely.

Have a magical day.

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Thanks for the heads up! No way was I going to pay the retail price -- much too expensive. But I bought all three sets at 40% off.

Funnily, I had just walked by the Disney Store on my way to work. I was going to see if they had them in stock, but the store wasn't open yet.

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Having just negotiated the website I have been thwarted because my US dollars ain't as good as a US citizen's dollars booyah Mickeystick em up yer arse then ......I am a tad disappointed smile.png

So anybody outside of the US can't order these .....fair enough, but what really irritated me was that they wanted my telephone number ,so I gave them my telephone number but apparently that isn't my telephone number ,they won't accept it......who would have known ? dry.png

.....& yes I know all about international telephone codes .......I just don't know my own telephone number tongue.png

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FYI, if you order a Marvel item, then you don't have to get to $75 for the free shipping (enter coupon code "Marvel"). There is a kids' Spider-Man sunglasses that costs $5, and so you can basically get that for the cost of regular shipping.

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