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Boardwalk Empire

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I just finished watching the 3rd season of this HBO show. There are many characters I'd like in minimate form, but they are problematic to make.

The 2 that I would want the most are Chalky, the head Black guy in charge(Played Omar in HBO's The Wire); and Richard, who is an ex-WW1 Sniper who wears a mask over half his face.

I can sort of make Chalky using the penguin's hat, and Mr Negative suit. No Bow ties. Ran into this problem with Doctor Who and just used a red twist tie.

And Richard, maybe I could commission a good customizer to make because even a Cyborg Superman Half Face would need glasses and a decal for the Cyborg face. So I have no idea.

Young Al Capone could be another sweet custom.

Any ideas, or anybody else watch this show?

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I like boardwalk empire but I wouldnt go for minimates of them as for me it just goes down the road of guys in suits again. These types of figures mostly have a bad history of not being made.

Agreed. The one thing working in their favour is that they are at least 'period costumes'. I'd like to see it happen, and they'd be fun, but it would be Godfather all over again.

That said, I'm interested to see what you come up with WookieFodder.

Sopranos mates would have been brilliant IMO. Who wouldn't love a little Tony sitting on their desk, watching everything they do! :)

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