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Time to stop?


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Minimates is the one line I've never once thought about stopping.

As for other lines it depends, space, desire, accessibility, time, and line ups.

When you reach a point where it's a hassle and burden to buy a new wave it's time to quit.

I recently stopped getting GI Joes, I have pretty much everything from the 25th era until now including club and con exclusives. I reached the point where I have pretty much everything I'd want and when the line was delayed cause of the movie I was happy to save the money. That was a big sign that it was time to stop.

This is me, pretty much. I've actually been thinking about selling them all. But I still like this it's just... A hassle.

Transformers was my live durring the Beast Era. I'm down to all my BW figs, Energon Decepticons, Animated and a select few Autobots/Decepticons. This down from major Gotta Catch 'em All syndrome. And no ill effects.

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I look at my collection I have on my desk at work added in with the various plastic bins I have of customs finished, in the works, or other and think the same thing. Then I realize how many people are dedicated to this hobby, the knowledge I learned from making customs and the happiness it brings others when I show them off. It really is worth it.

I had the same feeling about Marvel Legends- but that I went the opposite direction. Once Hasbro bought the line and it was getting harder to track down figures let alone characters I actually wanted to have, PLUS maintaining the shelf space/dust for them I quit cold turkey. I ended up putting them all on Craiglist and had a guy buy the entire lot. With minimates though, it's different, and the reasons why I still collect them to this day:

1. Size

(take up way less space than 6 inch figures)

2. Character selection

(a few stragglers, but they've pretty much made everyone at this point and to go beyond just super heroes with movies, video games, and tv was a brilliant move)

3. Consistency

(remember trying to collect a whole wave of figures back in the toy biz days only to miss one crucial character?--then finding him in another wave but a completely different scale? I HATED THAT!! :verymad:

4. Customization

(swapping parts was the first thing I did with my FF set, I knew it had potential, I needed/wanted to get more)

5. Luke Porter

(yep, without him I wouldn't have gotten into customizing or discovered this awesome forum)

6. DST's Zach Oat

(you know you have a great line when they actually care what you have to say and comment on a fan forum- that's dedication)

So there you have it. :lol:

I completely agree and couldn't have said it better myself, nicely said Jeff!

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Through everything I've collected over the past few decades, There are only two things I haven't given up on - Marvel Minimates and Star Wars. I currently buy far more 'Mates than Star Wars. I'm now down to only OT 3 3/4" figures, and forget all the EU & prequel stuff. I used to have everything, but poor distribution killed that for me.

As for Minimates, I did give up my completionism. I will buy everything Marvel & Star Trek, but I gave up on promos & lines I don't care for (Battle Beasts & Video Game properties). Too many Battle Beast promos killed it for me, and the Agent 88 stuff was the final nail in the coffin for me.

I do love the ability to preorder my Minimates. I've been sucessful with every TRU exclusive so far. I've kept up with Walking Dead and a lot of other lines so far. But the quality is seriously hurting lately. Pieces fall off way to easily, and breakage seems to be more common these days.

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Never thought really to STOP, but just to be more selective due to space/tracking issues, minimates are the best line of figures and they should keep making more if anything to promote current/recent marvel comic franchises (ie. Fear Itself, Movie Waves, SHIELD TV show, etc.)

Been collecting most my life but the only other lines I aggressively collect are Dragon Ball Z/GT figures and Guyver Max Factory figures. One line I will never sell is my JLU collection, I have all the JLU figures except Holiday Hail which is my grail.

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1355961299[/url]' post='254594']

At the very least, I need to buy the Venom 4pack so I can give myself a proper avatar.

If you just need a picture, let me know, I can probably help you out with that one.

Thanks for the offer, buddy. I've got a set on order.

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Maybe ToyBiz lost the license for a reason? Perhaps they knew that they couldn't keep making such great figures and keep the costs down? Maybe they knew they were going to need to head even further into serious retread country to keep the line going?

They lost it because Marvel realized they could make more licensing Marvel than they could making the toys in-house with Toy Biz.

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Well - that's the way business goes i guess. Thanks for the knowledge Zach.

It's a shame - i think Hasbro has had some great sculpts.... but the paint aps never seemed as good as when ToyBiz was in charge.

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