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Trouble uploading pics,videos

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So I've been trying to upload some pics (new camera+new lightbox+new custom mates calls for pics) this past week with no luck. I've tried uploading them from my pc,copying the link,copying the HTML and the other code (i think it's called BBRQ) but with no results. I get only the broken image icon and sometimes the "you have no permission" message.

And when I try to upload a vid it appears in the box before I post it (it's working and all that) but when I press post it says I have no permission to post it and such.

What's the problem?

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If the HTML version was previously working then that certainly wasn't intended. Members having the ability to insert HTML into posts is far from safe!

I think i used only the link.Yeah,i was using just the regular link.Though when it stopped working and i was copying all codes the html worked one or two times

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I have not uploaded pictures in a while, but I can't get it to work.

I have some photos on Photobucket I want to include in a posting. I copy the IMG link, but I cannot paste it into the text field in the post. What am I missing?

I have tried using the link, image, and code tools, but to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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The old fashioned


tags should be working fine, as should clicking the picture button in the toolbar here (provided your using the WYSIWIG editor)

Can you try posting some images in a reply in this thread and I'll see whats amiss.

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So, not correct, as no picture. I used the code tool button to do this.

If I use the image tool button, I cannot close the dialog box - the OK button does not work.

Thank you Ady for helping me.

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Thank you. How would I know if I have the WYSIWIG editor?

I am using Internet Explorer.

I'll try another PC.

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Got it!

Thank you Ady and TM2Dinobot!

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