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emperorshotz designs (7/19/17 - Polaris Minimate Collection)

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Thanks for all the compliments, guys! I'm glad you like them. I'm particularly proud of that batch, so, means a lot.

I've been trying to focus on exclusively clearing off my work bench with all the W-I-P's I keep pushing to the side. In the meantime, I thought I'd post some stuff I've had done for a while, but haven't had a chance to share :


Rachel Grey...


current Storm utilizing Liney's AWESOME decal...


a Rogue for my Uncanny Avengers lineup...


and a really simple, quick BeastNOW from spare parts I had lying around.

A few more touch ups on some of these, but pretty happy with how everything turned out.

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Been so busy, haven't been able to hop onto the boards in a while-- but here's a shot of a group I finished a while ago:


Morrison's 90's JLA lineup!

(Excuse the dust)

Basically, I did not have ONE member of the Justice League in official 'mate form before I started this project. Looking up the cost of a lot of those figures, too, I just couldn't start delving into collecting DC 'mates the way I'd like to. I got a cheap BD Wonder Woman/Cheetah at Comicon this past October and in a random parts/partial fig lot I got off eBay a few months ago, I also got the parts for Batman you see up there. Besides those two figures, everything else is completely from my spare parts/extra 'mates bin (plus decals/paint/apoxie here and there)! Pretty proud I was able to scrounge up my favorite JLA lineup, finally! May go back over the detail on Wonder Woman so it's gold rather than yellow.

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I really like your Aquaman and Martian Manhunter.

I have all DC minimates except Flash, Manhunter and a few of the non-main characters.

I wish I could afford C3 Manhunter and Flash on eBay but my dreams will come true someday.

Thank you for sharing your custom JLA mates. Made my day.

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Liking the X-Ladies, especially Rachel, that looks like quite an involved costume design. Rogue looks really good, simpler but really slick looking.

Did I make a decal for that Storm costume? I don't remember posting one wacko.png

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Did I make a decal for that Storm costume? I don't remember posting one wacko.png

Well, technically it's your control art I converted into a decal:

Which is beautiful

Why thank you. I had forgotten entirely that I had done that Storm, but I'm glad you made use of it!

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It's been a loooong while since I've posted anything, but the Customs forum has been so dead lately... inspired me to come out of retirement. I started taking pics of stuff I've done since I stopped posting to try and kickstart some life back into this place.

I wasn't too happy the with civilian look the first Spider-Gwen came from (as it looked too much like 616 Gwen), so I customized my own.



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Just finished AoA Nightcrawler and threw together an impromptu AoA Colossus. Eventually going to swap the face out for Storm and finish the chest straps on Colossus, but all-in-all very happy with how Nightcrawler turned out.

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19 hours ago, BuffaloDelorean said:

These all look amazing, especially Kurt (but maybe I'm biased).

For a second I thought Colossus used a repainted Iron Fist mask, and I was wondering how you captured the official style so well. The Daredevil mask was a clever choice.

Thanks! Yeah, Daredevil mask was a godsend-- very simple sanding and paint touch up. Red paint can be rough for me, at times, in terms of coverage. dunno why.



Just adding my custom Rachel Grey-Summers collection to this thread. I have to clean it up-- I lost web hosting services a year back so all my old customs are just broken links :wacko:

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7 minutes ago, BuffaloDelorean said:

Your modern and 80's Rachel Greys are very impressive.

What's the recipe for for that DoFP Rachel (besides Pryde's jumpsuit)? She'd be a good inclusion for my pre-Secret Wars X-Men display.

DoFP Rachel is a First Class Emma head and I thiiiink the hair is from a Daredevil.

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Oh wow - The X-love is strong with this one!
I love all of these Rachel customs and updates. I agree that Modern and Red & Yellow 80's Rachel are particularly good.

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