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Fischer Price Castle


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I saw this advertised in the paper, it's 50 bucks and seems pretty big for that price.

Looks like Minimate scale, which will be great for my Game of Thrones customs.

Anybody seen or have this?


Seems much more cost efficient than buying/building a Lego Castle

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There is one in an open and touchable display at my local Walmart with some of the other sets. After seeing the pics online and up close, and for about $50, I'm definitely picking one up. I don't know what exactly I'm going to do with it, but BannersID idea of Doom's castle sounds really good.

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I bought this. It's great. All MiniMate cars fit thru the gate except the Munsters Koach, but Warthogs are fine.

Lights are cool,but the sound effects are a bit annoying, can probably remove the batteries for that.

There's also a dumb picture on the front of the Castle I'm gonna paint over and probably do some other alterations.

At $50 bucks, it's a steal of a deal.

You can customize different aspects of the Castle.

The walmart by me had a ton of these in stock, I wonder if they'll ever make the price even lower?

It also works well with my Ewok Battle Wagon.

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