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Im fully aware that there's a thread that discusses these kind of things but after watching LoK for like the third time it got me thinking. Why doesn't DST/AA make an Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra line? So far we've had Lego, a canceled Fisher Price line, a trading card game and some movie merchandise. We don't really have any proper figures for this awesome series. And who is the best company for making these kind of things? DST/AA of course (at least in my opinion).

P.S. If the Staff/Mods/Devs etc. etc. wish to move/delete/lock this thread go ahead, because I wasn't really sure if I'm even allowed to post this.

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I thought this was about the Avatar movie (the blue guys?) That would have been cool.

But I think they would make more money with Naruto and naruto:shippuden mates. DST/AA should go with some poppular anime lines.

I think many anime/manga fans(like me) would dig anime mates(but thats just my opinion).

I think they should make avatar mates.

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