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Weaponeers of Monkaa

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A fun set of 80's inspired figures by the guys over at Spy Monkey Creations:


They use the Glyos System, just like the Outer Space Men and Onell figures, so all of their parts are swappable. They have a really cool back story, which is basically that they forge all of the weapons for different universes, such as Masters of the Universe, Battle Beasts, Thundercats, etc. You can read more about the figures at There are pics of the figures there, along with a link to the Spy Monkey store, where these just went up for order.

I will post pictures of my set once it arrives. :)

EDIT: Review here at the Fwoosh

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Apologies for the thread necro!

I'm looking to complete my Weaponeers of Monkaa collection and was hoping some Multiversers potentially had some figures they wanted to get rid of?

I recently picked up an eBay lot of 11 Weaponeers but I'm still missing a few figures. Looking for the following:

Bloodlust Umbreus, Uncle Overlord, Lifespring Empyreus, Brutok Novum Veridiohm (translucent green), and a bunch of Gohlems - Obsidian (Flaw), Glowstone, Golden, Veridiohm (trans. green)

Tough to find a checklist online of all the colorways but I think that's all I need to complete it.

I'l have to update my Want/Have list but I thought I would start here (if that's okay, mods)

Happy to buy multiples or lots as well as single figures.

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fixed my list
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