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The non-Minimate Photo Thread

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Somebody say Turtles???

Yes, I know the picture is grainy. I did it that way on purpose. :thumbsup:

I've been enjoying the show, and the sculpts of these figures are exceptional. Only thing missing is some painted detail, which is easily remedied with a bit of black paint and water.


Donatello B&W by TheLegoJoker, on Flickr

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1351195949[/url]' post='249004']

They are reminiscent of some fancy Voltron toys as kids that were also big and had a space for little figures to fit inside them. I didn't have those, though, only the cheaper Voltron that most kids probably had. Die cast metal, probably 8-10 inches tall or so.

I had both of those sets of lions. My fancy ones were sold by my parents without my consent when I went to college. Lost more of the plastic ones. Still have the black and blue lions of those though, but that's the extent of it. I wanted those Matty Collecter ones, but there was just far too many other things that needed to consume my money.

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A friend of mine offered a great (and much needed) accessory for the nick turtles: Skateboards.

I picked up a single pack from Tech Deck and put it with Mikey. I love it. Still on the fence if all the turtles should get boards.



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At long last I've completed (minus a few minor details to me at least) my TMNT toy collection/museum. Here's pics:

The 80's turtles from my youth:


The comic that started it all (sad I didn't get the B&W set when I had the chance):


The next generation:


The full group:



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