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A Nervous WIP

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Thanks guys for the compliments! Here we have a couple of things i did years ago for a contest that was held, and I never posted them in my thread (as far as I can tell) I had been experimenting a lot with a bag of warhammer/40K bitz that i got from ebay. I always liked this guy, and his walker (made from Prof. X's hoverchair) but I always felt it was too red. I would like to go back at some point and add some splashes of another color or two, to break up all the red.

Anyway, here he is...

I call this whole setup, the Snake Walker.


Thanks for looking!

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very nice. if you don't mind me asking, where did you get that snake head?

Thanks guys! If I had one guess, it was from a 25th Anniversary Serpentor figure. I will try to locate one to make sure. but i was able to slip a regular minimate head, as well as an old venom tongue head underneath with no problems.

Thanks again! Nerv!

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On 8/13/2015 at 10:29 AM, Shanester said:

So awesome man!

Yikes...... looks like i lost quite a few pages in my customs thread....

I'll have to repost a bunch of stuff .... but for now, a work in progress. I always felt weird about wip shots, but this is at a stage where it looks pretty cool as is. I plan on repainting the legs, and adding a chest cap (hoping to mimic the original with a see thru panel. I started this a few months back, but couldn't quite finish it before i had to pack everything up for a move, I took this pic before i packed him up, not even sure what box he's in..I don't know when i'll get to finish it, as I haven't even opened any of my stuff since we moved in. ok, enough yapping, here is my WIP of a petty cool bad guy,

Zartan, from GI Joe




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Thanks fellas...... great idea boyd, it should work nicely!

hope to get back on track soon. got a few projects left in the new house before i dedicate some time to customs. Getting new ideas and problem solving all the time, so when I'm ready, I'll be ready! (if that makes any sense)


but first, we leave for Disney for the next week! see you suckas later!

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59 minutes ago, DSTZach said:

Would you cast it in clear? Not sure I've seen any of your clear-casts, but I love your chromes!

Oooh, camouflage Zartan. Or bluish-green Zartan in homage to his color-changing roots. Hurry up and finish Zartan so you can get started on Zartan variants. 

Have fun at Disney!

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1 hour ago, Freaqualizer said:

This is amazing! What legs did you use? And is that a Grim Reaper torso?



The legs are from the new plants vs. zombies pirate captain. as soon as i saw them, i knew what i was using them for, lol

yes, its grim reaper torso and arms.


ps. i originally had the kidpool scarf on him and it looked great, but the hair/hat wouldn't fit right. when i get another one of those headpieces i am gonna trim it down, and paint all the red parts to match.

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Hey guys and gals, just wanted to load a bunch of the stuff that got lost when the big forum update happened. Lookin g forward to working on and finishing some projects here in the next few months. 99% of my stuff is still in boxes from when i moved (back in May, Sheesh)

I am crossing my fingers and hoping I see something from Toyfair (should be seeing stuff , right? ) that get my minimate juices flowing again ... I want to be excited again about minimates because lately its been "meh" for me.



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