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SDCC 2012-Discussion Thread

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Regarding the Punisher movies... I thought the Jane film was pretty good, but not fantastic, I thought War Zone was unintentionally hilarious, and I thought the short was actually REALLY damn good. War Zone is one of the WORST superhero films I've ever seen. I can honestly not believe I finished it. Jigsaw was possibly the most horribly acted supervillain ever. And yes I am including Mister Freeze and Nuclear Man. Mostly because... well... Freeze was actually pretty appropriate to how the movie went. The entire thing was just bad. Nuclear Man wasn't a performance he was a giant prop. The script gave him nothing so he used nothing. Jigsaw though... he had potential. And he FAILED utterly. I've seen high school performances of Disney villains more engaging than that. His accent was absolutely atrocious, his delivery flat, but the performance was mildly energetic. Nothing about him seemed at all... like it was one person performing this. It's almost like they had a guy there and they dubbed him with someone else who can't deliver lines. He said lines like the Punisher did (flat and uninspired but it worked for him) but had an energy and flair about him Punisher didn't. Which was a problem. If his delivery had been more like his performance I'd at least have been able to say he was an amusing villain. As it is he was just... so... uninteresting. Nobody in that movie was interesting. Hell the Punisher wasn't really but I didn't expect him to be too much (LOVE when he blew off that one guy's head though. GOD DAMN IT CASTLE!)

So sure, I was laughing the entire movie. BUT I DON'T THINK I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. And that's the mark of a bad film. Entertaining. But bad.

You absolutely nailed it. Jigsaw and his goons were so bad and distracting that it killed any chance the movie for me and my friends. The actor who played Jigsaw was great on the wire and nailed a Baltimore accent. I almost wonder if it was the director leading the actors that way? I was very surprised with how poor his performance was.

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With San Diego 2021 and the 20th anniversary in 2022 approaching, I thought I'd throw back to SDCC 2012 and give away a few of the Minimates 10th anniversary pins/buttons we gave out that year. I have three, so the first three people who respond will get them. Honor system that you don't already have one.


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2012 was the first (and only) time I've managed to make it to SDCC (from Australia).
I was so damn jazzed to see a DST panel IRL and meet people I'd been chatting to online for years.
AND this is one of the exclusives I actually have. 
Very cool giveaway.

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On 7/27/2012 at 4:04 PM, pappymojo said:

Not to get off topic, but I'm just gonna day dream about airbender minimates for a second here.

Same here. Still. Nine years later.

Looking forward to the 20th anniversary of the Minimates brand though! Never say never!

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Re-opening this thread with a new giveaway-- the 10th Anniversary Promo Minimate from NYCC 2012! Not the silver one that came with the carrying case, the white one we gave away! If you DON'T have one, and you WANT one, sound off below! And Hail Ivan!



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