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TM2's annual library display

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That Jubilee is sexy

Yeah - i know they're meant to be a little bit sexified... but i felt like Jubilee was taken too far with the super short-shorts and the boob-tube.

Nice display TM2. Although - No Phoenix? nono.gif

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I own a few more non-superhero ones, as well as Catwoman, Powergirl and WonderWoman that the library asked me not to display. Especially Wonder Woman. She's kinda falling out everywhere.

I don't have a lot of the older ones, which is a shame, because I fell behind when the line started and I think I'll fall behind now as they've started doing them once every 2 months and that's just expensive.

And honestly, the little girls are just eating them up. They get so excited to see female superheroes. It makes me feel good to see that.

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I wouldn't buy my own daughter a statue in an overly risque pose, but I bet she would love seeing that display. My wife got her into watching She-Ra, which is great, because it's an empowering female character and whatnot. But also kind of crappy, because merchandise produced nowadays is only for adult collectors, and so is expensive as balls.

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