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CaptainPaco's Custom Minimates (Star Trek & DC plus more)

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A few more Customs from the DC Universe.


Huntress (QC as I was digging through some parts in my fodder tub.)


Black Canary


Fire and Ice


Poison Ivy


Black Manta


Mister Freeze (WIP)


Kingdom Come Flash (WIP-not sure I want to cut hair from helmet)

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2 hours ago, Freaqualizer said:

@Captain Paco, those are all awesome! Is that the Lego Black Manta head? It looks great!

Yes, I did use a lego manta head I had in my lego stash of odds and ends.   Thanks for the kind words. 

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4 hours ago, Minimike said:

These are awesome! What base body did you use for Ice and can we see more of Black Canary? I know I have most of these parts and would love to add to my DC minimates display

I will try to post some more photos of Black Canary. Ice is made from Spiral’s chest and legs and Quicksilver’s arms. And some random white feet and a random female head and I believe it is the white hair from Aurora. 

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20 hours ago, DSTZach said:

All very cool, dude.

Thank you, that means a lot coming from you.

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Posted (edited)

Black Canary (with different views and without the scream effect)


I know the chest block is from Jean Grey as the Black Witch, the legs are from a Spiderman series figure, the black leather jacket I am not sure and the boots are from an extra Star Trek mate.  The head and hair are random from what parts I have.  I made her all black as A Black Canary would not have blue and this makes her look more bad ass to me.

Black Manta (back and side views)


I did use a Lego-like Black Manta head and tubing. I used black Minimate body parts and the shoulder unit from an Aliens figure, which I drilled holes in to glue the tubing in on the back of the unit.

Edited by Captain Paco
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Silver Savage (or Savage Surfer) 





I made him a while back and just found him as I finally moved my collection and parts back to my house after sitting at my office for years.

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1 hour ago, Minimike said:

Did you use decals or paint to get that shade of green on poison ivy? Sorry I’m just trying to make my own from the pictures for my dc collection

To answer your question, I used Nissa from the Grimm Fairy Tales Box Set #1.  Then I merely removed the wings and colored the leaves that were already printed on her with a green Sharpie.  I used a fine tip red Sharpie for her lips.  The red hair piece I had in my parts fodder and then I took green wire (from the packaging of the Plants vs Zombies minimates) and twisted around as vines. The wrist roses, are from Dawn in the Femme Fatales Box Set #1, but I had two of her so used both. 

I hope this helps, I am try not to use paint or decals as I am not the most crafty person nor do I have a very steady hand.  Also Nissa came in a transparent version, that she was in an individual box.

I did contemplate making Poison Ivy with flesh toned skin and would have used Dawn from Femme Fatales Box set for the body but I felt the attire was not plant-like enough for my vision.

Edited by Captain Paco
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  • Captain Paco changed the title to CaptainPaco's Custom Minimates (Star Trek & DC plus more)
6 minutes ago, Minimike said:

Thank you very much Captain I’m going to give it a try I hate to copy your work but I have most of these mates and I can’t resist growing my dc collection

Again, do worry about copying my work. I consider it a way to say you like what I have done.  That is why I share my work on here.

I look forward to seeing your work if you would share.  I am always looking to grow my DC collection. I just need to find a way to display them without the wife complaining and to keep them from needing to be dusted.

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On 1/16/2021 at 12:11 PM, Minimike said:

Thanks Captain! I just used movie punisher hair Northstar head the recent wave 79 Adam warlock chest iron fist wrist cuffs with belt random part black arms and legs with Shazam boots. I think he fits in well

Hello, Minimike: I found the parts and was able to finally make a Black Adam similar to yours.  Thank you for sharing. I am just looking for the hair to match what you used.

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