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CaptainPaco's Custom Minimates (Star Trek & DC plus more)

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Happen to be in a mood and so came up with two more to share.


Here is a second version of Punishredator, I sort of am torn as I like both versions I have made so far.


Calling this one Pretty Kitty. I was thinking of White Panther or even Pink Panther but Pretty Kitty seems better.  Sort of think she came about because I put parts together to keep from loosing them and just happened.

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A few more customs I have been tinkering with.


Warlock Supreme, just an evil warlock who wants to take over all mystical power.



Sabredator, if the Predator species was more like Sabretooth.


Iron Predator, or Techno-Armor Predator



Sorcerer Supreme Predator, this Predator took over for Doctor Strange.

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Here are three more I found that wanted to share.


Brother Voodoo based on my interpretation from several images online.



Sinister Mage is what I am calling this one.


Welcome Miss Ambush Bug, she is looking to find the rest of the DC Minimates.  I made this one because I had some Orion Slave Girl parts without a head and I had the Ambush Bug head without a body.  I am not sure where the Robin feet came from but I figured they fit my creation well.

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Been tinkering with some more ideas and parts I have around.


Calling him Shadow Sage. He is the mystical leader of the Shadows and uses his mystical abilities to defend the realm of the shadows.


She is called Clubbin' Girl and she wants to be BFFs with Prowl-Ar's Party Girl.  She just wants to have fun.


Not sure what to call him other than a Demon, so maybe Demon Lord.


Sinister Ranger, he is the protector of the Sinister Mage.



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My creative licensing with a variation of Brother Voodoo.



Mage Pool, Wade Wilson has been just about everything else, so now he is a Mage of Mystical Arts.


Mystic Pool, the stage before Dead Pool, Wade Wilson, became a Mage.


Spiderbot, the robotic Spiderman who goes haywire and becomes a villain before being dismantled.


Just a few ideas I have been tinkering around with and wanted to share.  Some do have homage to Prowlar's customs as I really just liked his ideas and went with them but did a slight variation to not completely copy his talent.  Thank you Prowlar for sharing with all of us in the Minimate Multiverse.

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Okay so I have a liking for Brother Voodoo as I seem as a companion of sorts to Doctor Strange.  I have seen many images and have tried to sort out the image or images I can make something for my collection that represents that character.

I have already shared two versions and I tweaked the second.

xWnSs6pb.jpg Fsok2F3b.jpg 

First Version                     Second Version


Now this is the tweaked second version and I like him better.

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Ever since I made "Punishredator". I have enjoyed merging the Predator with other characters.

HYVlpNTb.jpg pCAtFATb.jpg wGobiPjb.jpg IMLoPhDb.jpg

Punishredator                   Punishredator 2          Sorcerer Supreme Predator  Techno-Armor Predator

Next I made Sabredator.


So I tweaked him and made a partner who is also a Sabretooth Predator mix.


I may have more Predator mixes coming up as I am toying around with a few other ideas as well.

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Had some time so tinkered more,

iEGaZ09.jpg 4tODTlw.jpg


More for the Sabredator Series.

Also, I made what I am calling the Lizard Sorcerer Supreme....


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More Predator Hybrids.....




Just some tinkering with parts I had found.

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added images
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So I have a Catman and a Star Sapphire to share from DC.



and I have my version of Spider-Thor.


I believe Prowl-Ar had made a version of Spider-Thor but I had the parts so gave it a shot.

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Been tinkering with some Holiday Customs.

Scrooge, Jacob Marley's Ghost, The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Future.


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I made a revision to The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Future and the Ghost of Jacob Marley.


I found a lost container of parts and found a hood for Future and a part from a White Magneto for Past.  Then I swapped heads on Marley.

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Infinity Warps


Green Widow, Arachknight, Ghost Panther, Solider Supreme and Iron Hammer

Still need a little touch up on a few but wanted to share.

Also, a Demonic Captain America



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My version of the Nubian Avengers inspired by Prowlar.


Black Widow, Colonel Amerika, Thor


Iron Fist, Scarlet Witch, Major Marvel


Angel, Weapon X


King of Wakanda

I am working on a Nubian Hawkeye, trying to find a quiver and bow for him.

I liked the idea when Prowlar posted his original Nubian Avengers and I like to read about alternate versions of comic heroes so I had to make my version.  I don't have all the same parts so I worked from what I have.

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7 hours ago, Prowlar said:

Looks like I'm going to have to up my game. After seeing these I'm going to need my own version of Power Man and Iron Fist. Also I think your parts choice one Colonel Amerika is better than my Captain Americaans.

Thank you for the kind words. You are my inspiration when it come to customizing. I mean you no disrespect when I mimic your designs. Thank you for what you do. 

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1 hour ago, cylonchaney said:

You guys are both very creative with mixing parts to create new characters.

Thank you Cylonchaney, I would give all the credit to Prowlar for he inspires me.  I do appreciate your nod to my creativity but I owe it all to Prowlar.  I have gone broke over trying to keep up with Minimates, so I have resorted to all the extras I have collected and thus doing my best to make alternate variations of characters or thus making what seem to be new characters.

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So I have been digging in my storage totes.

Found some customs I tinkered with a while back.


Battle Beast Ninja Bunny


Battle Beasts Robin and Batman

There was supposed to be a wave of Battle Beast that the Exclusive Bat mate was to be a part of but I made the Robin myself.


Chi'Tarah not sure she is a Battle Beast custom but she fit this post.

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More playful customs.


Punk Spider Sorceress Supreme


Made an alteration to Spider Thor as I found what I felt was a better chest block.


Iron Ghost (a villain I stumbled across on the internet researching Alamgam characters)


Angela the Angel of Hell


Thor God of Hell


Princess Diana Goddess of Thunder


Owlwoman (found her online only I made her African American instead of Native American)

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