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Minimate pictures you'd rather not see.

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Ah yes, its coming back to me.  We all have our beginnings.

I blame the old RTM site.  One of their header images for a long time was a Minimate Hulk.  This was just as Marvel Wave one was beginning to hit retail.  I had to have just that one pack...until I fell in love with the overall design and saw waves 2 and 3. :confused:

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I saw them in my local comic store and thought they were neat, but resisted buying them. Then in a Suncoast (remember those?) I found the black-suited Spidey variant from Wave 2, and grabbed it on a whim. Then the next day I went back to my comic store and bought the rest.

That was 15 years ago. If you had told me then where I'd be with Minimates today, I would have said "How do you know the secrets of the future? Give me your time machine!".


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1 hour ago, DSTZach said:

BHM, I'm not sure I ever asked this, or if someone else has, but what got you SO into Minimates at the beginning? Do you remember?

Is part of the appeal that you worked in printing for years and these are figures that are mostly rendered using printed details?

Actually, knowing a little about what else you collect, you may have come to Minimates by way of Kubricks, but if that's the case the same question applies.

I hated printing but I was pretty good at it & it paid the bills but yes I suppose the technical side of Minimates ...& the packaging still fascinate me. I can't say that I 'play' with Minimates but I certainly get a great deal of pleasure from posing & handling them .

I'll come clean ......once I got really 'into' Minimates I decided that I would get a collection that was going to be fairly unique .  I have.... it is.


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Not half as unique as the owner. ;)

For me, I remember seeing them at Target and picking up a few when they were clearanced (Cap/Absorbing Man; Iron Man/Doc Doom; and a few of the DC C3 sets).  But I didn't really get into them until the first DC Direct wave came out.  What sealed the deal for me is when I realized I could customize with them.  I'd always wanted to customize action figures, but it never seemed within my skill set.  With Minimates I could at least make passable customs, and while I'm nowhere near the level of Luke, Boyd, Lobby, Nerv, Ten, and many others, I have pulled off some projects I never would have thought I could. I like to think I myself as a working class customizer.:lol: I suspect, if it wasn't for customizing, and you guys, I probably wouldn't have stuck with Minimates for as long as I have. Certainly I would have bought A LOT less. :blush:

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This thread is nothing without pics... I've usually kept my pre-production collection pretty private. But before it gets split up, (some of this I will keep), I wanted to revive this thread, which has long been one of my favorites. So here's what I was able to put together. I know there are better collections out there, (I've seen them, mostly!), but I was always kind of proud of these.


Marvel Zombies Box Set Painted Protos, Test Shot Wasp Head, WTTA Box Set Protos, Marvel Head Protos



Unlicensed Marvel Approval Samples



Marvel Unreleased, Paint Samples, Test Shots, Classic GG Test Shot Accessories on Sprue Tree



Test Shot Parts



BSG Specialty Test Shots



BSG Painted Protos, Bottom Row are the Unreleased Mini Flyers Pilots



BSG Protos & Test Shots



Random Protos & Test Shots



WalMart Group A Retail Display (Front)



WalMart Group A Retail Display (side)


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Continuing On....

Loose Gold & Silver Spideys



Bagged Gold



Sprue Trees (This is one of my favorite pieces. You can make 10 or so blanks from these sprue trees.



Official Unofficial Promos



Random Promos (Christmas Promos, Goth Girl, DAVE School Bats, UA2 sealed)



2003 Blanks (only missing 2 from having a complete set)



DC Wave 6 Packaged Mock Ups



3" Ozzy & Dark Angel Tests



3" Rock (Ozzy & Alice Cooper)



Napster Protos



Tony Hawk Protos



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And some more...


LOTR Unreleased Strider & Eowyn Protos



LOTR Unreleased Smeagol & Bilbo Protos, Archer Test Shot



LOTR Specialty Protos



LOTR Unreleased Witch King Ringwraith



LOTR Unreleased Ringwraith Two Pack




Classic Green Goblin Sales Sample




BSG Cylon Raider Test Shot (Unlilicensed Test on the Left, Production on the Right)




BSG Single Pack Unpainted Downloaded Cylon (Unpainted Sample on Left, Production on Right)



DC C3 Mini Flyers (Spanish)




DC C3 Riddler Mini Flyer Test Shot


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@pk13 apparently you missed the memo about photobucket and third party hosting.

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Well my friend, they're not showing up for me........ which perhaps is apt in the thread .............'pictures you'd rather not see' .

Get it f*cking sorted mate .....& quickly .......otherwise you'll never complete your Star Wars kubrick collection .....cheaply.....modestly.....reasonably inexpensive.:thumbsup:


Begging PM sent .

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pk13 , I'll just take you to task on just one small thing ...your reference to 'better' collections  :jawdrop:  Those pictures are just bloody stunning.... as in .....I am stunned . 

I love seeing this stuff , my previous post was light-hearted although as you know I am truly saddened by your recent decision .

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Looks like a different shaped piece to me. The official release had that pointy, Farrah Fawcett piece that was used on the first Dark Phoenix....  and then Shadowcat for some reason :/

Are these prototypes? I tried to buy some of them a few times from a guy online, but he always ended up backing out at the last minute. It was pretty annoying. 

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boy if those wringwraiths got released, i would have held on to all my LOTR stuff because i’d have the tree trunk scene and the watchtower scene set up for eternity. 

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