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Minimate pictures you'd rather not see.

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I may bring some of my rarities this year, we'll see.

Hopefully so is Timbo ............. his wallet !


I've been deliberating what minimates to bring ......probably none unsure.png I bloody hate the BS regards travelling/customs/security it's not really worth the grief .

"Whatchayagot there"

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how do you guys find this stuff. I once came close to buying a paint sample from the DSS line - but the seller backed out at the last minute and decided not to sell to me. He did that on a couple of occasions actually. I almost bought a couple of proto's from early in the Marvel line too. Was pretty disappointed actually dry.png

What sorcery was used to acquire this stunning specimen?

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Having just been outed as the 'Gordon Gecko' of the Minimate world I've decided to take the gloves off .

I took these photos this morning as I prepared a journey for one of the gang....




"I know what you're thinking punks You're thinking did he a have a case of six or only five ?" Now to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this excitement ......................."


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I just discovered this thread, Thought I'd share some of my favorites

My bombermate missed this pic - Hopefully I can win a MMMV C2e2 Mate on ebay and take a pic of them together

I get the Silver Spidey....but what of the other 2?

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I wish I could track down some of those unproduced LOTR Minimates. I was so excited to get them and really love the line. That was the first line where I really staked out TRU locations to get them. Its a shame they didn't do well.

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As you may know I live in the UK & my necessary method of shipping much of what I buy from is via co-operative & generous friends here .......I buy from ,ship the items to a friend's US address & eventually he will ship on all the various items to me in the UK when his wife wants her spare bedroom back biggrin.png This 'operation' involves a fair amount of patience because in many instances I don't receive some items for many months ....let me add that this isn't a gripe ,Hell no,it's just the way it has to be . What I eventually receive in one big package often surprises me because I have often forgotten what was coming !!!!

Bearing that all in mind I today received a magnificent boxful of loot which included one batch of items from that is only suitable for this thread & may well turn stomachs especially if you are a Walking Dead Minimate fan . I ordered these items in January 2013 & for the record I did not order what eventually arrived .

You'll possibly feel that I should be pleased......I am..... but just let me say that this scenario has happened before & I have been on the end of some complete debacles when it comes to mix-ups from ...........the Wave 2 Michonne/zombie pack mountain comes to mind ........a picture of that one would have you roll along in the aisles with laughtermad.gif

Picture to come in my next're warned.


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